Melinda Houston's TV picks for Sunday August 31


3 stars

6.30pm, Nine

Interesting week on The Block last week with some couples all over the challenge and others struggling horribly. And, as with so many real life renos, it all came down to not the will or even the organisation of the "home owners", but the reliability and efficiency of the tradies. What's remarkable is that knowing their company is going to be seen by a million-plus people on national TV is still not enough to motivate them to actually turn up on time and do the job. All of which means tonight's reveal and judging is a triumph for some, and a not-unexpected disappointment for others.


3.5 stars

8.30pm, Ten

It sits rather outside the profile of Ten's core demographic but you don't have to be retired yourself to enjoy what's essentially a romcom featuring senior citizens. And it's hard to go wrong when your cast includes Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Celia Imrie, Maggie Smith – and India, looking absolutely luminous. Sweet good-natured fun with just a dash of acidity, it's lovely Sunday night viewing.


2.5 stars

8.30pm, 7Two

I wonder how long it will take tonight's house hunters to realise that their desire for a traditional Welsh cottage and their determination to acquire spacious bedrooms and living rooms (and plenty of both) are utterly irreconcilable? Certainly longer than the 40 or so minutes of tonight's episode. Still, in the process we get to see some absolutely glorious Welsh coast and countryside – and that, really, is the whole point of the exercise.