Melinda Houston's TV picks for Tuesday August 5



8.30pm ABC

The only thing wrong with this fabulous series is that it’s simply too short. Two episodes are not nearly enough. We want to see more – much more – of these delightful kids, and learn much more from those fascinating experts. The subject in this final instalment is creativity. Not artistic ability (although that can be part of being creative) but the broader ability to think outside the box. There are all kinds of interesting experiments and theories but what’s most thought-provoking is the way in which the theories play out in real life. Human beings are wonderfully complex creatures – young human beings especially – and as we discover here, things are not always as they seem.




7.30pm, Ten

Now in its second season, Save With Jamie has dispensed with the gimmicks (the team of experts shouting out facts; the “make your own takeaway”) and instead focuses on core business: delicious meals using inexpensive ingredients, tinned and frozen food where appropriate, and lots of leftovers. As Jamie points out, you will need a decent pantry, especially your supply of spices. But elsewhere this delivers exactly what it promises: fabulous food for bargain prices. Tonight’s menu covers everything from paella to pulled pork and it all looks terrific.



10pm, 7Mate

I really like this show. For sketch comedy, it’s actually more consistently funny than a lot of the British imports we love to praise and of course it has a distinctly antipodean flavour. Credit to Troy Kinne, too, for establishing some basic setups that just keep giving. “Things you never hear said…” for instance, is a goldmine (tonight it’s things you never hear your boss say). The highlight for me in this ep, though, is Procrastination Squad: very clever, very funny.