Melinda Houston's TV picks for Wednesday August 6


Series final 3.5/5

8.30pm, Ten

While some may feel a little sad that the future of this series is still so uncertain, tonight’s final ep actually feels like a terrific place to end. Not only are various threads tidily and believably knotted away, after five seasons it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for Offspring to go out on a high. Of course life goes on, and various characters still have things to work on. But if it all ends now, we’re all going to go away smiling, and fulfilled.




9.30pm, ABC

Another thoroughly enjoyable instalment of this engaging series, tonight focusing on the Mini Cooper. Having recently watched Brian Johnston cover the same territory in Cars That Rock, much of the technical detail was familiar but one of the pleasures of Love of Cars is the way Philip Glenister goes beyond tech specs and pop culture to reveal some really fascinating background. Here that includes a fabulous experiment testing just how much you can fit in a Mini; and the remarkable story of Stirling Moss’ sister, Pat – a cracking rally driver in her own right.



8pm, SBS2

While it probably has come time to let Community slip quietly away (fan attempts to revive it after its fifth season have been relentless – Yahoo TV has now commissioned a sixth) this third season still has a nice bit of zing about it. This ep isn’t classic Community but it certainly has its classic touches. For instance: there is some (slightly twee) hugging and learning, but it’s embedded at the end of the second act, leaving the third free to be pure mayhem.