Pay TV: Monday, November 19

Project Runway Australia, Arena, 8.30pm

THERE are just six designers left now that the villainously mustachioed Savva has been sent packing. Bundled into product-placement cars, they're taken to a grand old Melbourne mansion that Jamie thinks is a nursing home. He's concerned that this week's challenge will be to make clothes for old people, but he needn't have worried - it's to make high-school formal dresses for teenage girls. As always, some gorgeous designs end up on the runway and Alex Perry continues to rock super-tight jackets with popped collars. For those of us not among the fashion cognoscenti, however, the judges' thinking can be a bit perplexing. What's with the praise they heap upon Tristan's dress? From a distance, it looks as if his client is wearing a grey tank top under a costume-party toga. Still, Megan Gale, Peter Morrissey and Claudia Navone are the pros, and I wear T-shirts that are nearly as old as the models. Besides, it wouldn't be half as much fun if you couldn't argue about the dresses at home.

The hosts of <i>Project Runway Australia</i>.
The hosts of Project Runway Australia

Grand Designs Australia, LifeStyle, 5.40pm

PETER Maddison heads to Byron Bay, where Max and Mariella are spending $2.5 million on a three-storey house with an ocean view. You'd think it would go relatively smoothly, given that Max is a successful property developer, but his constant changes to the design cause headaches for the builders, and even begin to worry his bank.

Marple: The Moving Finger, 13th Street, 8.30pm

Geraldine McEwan plays Agatha Christie's sleuth in a mystery involving John Sessions, Harry Enfield and Kelly Brook.


Why Do You Think You Are?: David Tennant, BBC Knowledge, 8.40pm

The British actor travels to Northern Ireland in search of his ancestors.

Doctor Who, SF, 7.30pm

John Pertwee's Doctor tries to stop a dinosaur invasion in this 1974 episode.