License article

Pay TV: Thursday, August 15

Legit, Comedy, 8.30pm

Did you find that infamous Liberal-National fundraiser menu hilarious? If so, Legit is the show for you. This distasteful sitcom enables Australian comedian Jim Jefferies to expound, ad nauseam, his view that women are angry liars and shrews whose only value is as sexual receptacles. Tonight he explains that he could never be gay because he could never have sex with something he respects. Boom-tish! He assures us that this joke kills on stage - which says as much about Jefferies' fans as it does about him. Jefferies would never have been able to make a show that so relentlessly denigrated a racial or ethnic group, but the American FX channel clearly thinks it's fine to declare open season on women. It's especially galling at a time when women are daily inundated with rape threats on social media (Jefferies, by the way, refers to his house as ''the Rape Cottage'') and a generation of young men is seemingly growing up thinking that misogyny is cool. Sad stuff.

The Hero, Fox8, 7.30pm

Unlikely as it might seem, this Panama-based reality competition series hosted by Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson is becoming absorbing viewing. Tonight, one of the competitors decides to keep a $35,000 prize rather than put it into the pot that one of them will eventually win. The complexion of the house changes immediately.