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Pay TV: Thursday, December 6

Shark Week's 25 Best Bites, Discovery, 1.30pm, 11.30pm

THIS collection of clips from 25 years worth of Shark Week documentaries is nothing short of amazing - even if it does have a particularly annoying host in YouTube celebrity Philip DeFranco. The first scene has doco presenter Charles Ingram speaking to the camera in an inflatable boat, only for a great white shark to come out of nowhere and chomp into it. Then there's the startling sight of biologist Rocky Strong sitting precariously atop a slippery whale carcass that's being shaken and torn in a great white feeding frenzy. Not everybody gets away with such things - we also see extremely gory footage of shark scientist Erich Ritter having his calf muscle ripped out by a bull shark. Much of the documentary, though, celebrates the amazing achievements of the doco makers in getting incredible footage, from high-definition overhead shots of great whites exploding out of the water in South Africa to scenes of whale sharks and giant schools of hammerheads.

The New Pioneers: Virgin Galactic, National Geographic, 8.30pm

THIS is an interesting documentary about the making of SpaceShipTwo, the air-launched space plane that English entrepreneur Richard Branson hopes will usher in a new age of space tourism. The engineers have a two-part job: first they have to design and then build the mother plane that will carry SpaceShipTwo to an altitude from which it can blast off.

Storytellers: Pink, MTV Classic, 8.30pm

The singer-songwriter performs and talks about her music in front of a small live audience.


River Cottage Christmas Fayre, LifeStyle, 9.30pm

The old-fashioned spelling suggests Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is serious. He begins with a goose.

Architecture School, Studio, 8.30pm

Architecture students set about designing and building an affordable house to help rebuild New Orleans.