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Pay TV: Thursday, February 14

Highlight: Kings Cross ER, Thursday, CI, 7.30pm

THIS fine reality-doco series about the emergency department at St Vincent's Hospital in Darlinghurst returns with a jaw-dropping episode. There's just the one patient tonight, Jelal Edmonds (aka Lazy J), a young hip-hop artist and former X Factor contestant, who has been stabbed in the heart outside a nightclub after a gig. When he's wheeled into the emergency department he's obviously in bad shape, but there's only a slight trickle of blood from the deceptively small wound in his side. This, we soon learn, is because most of the bleeding is internal - there's so much blood in his chest that it's making it hard for him to breathe. The only thing for it is for the emergency-department staff to cut another hole in his chest and drain great gouts of blood out of him. And that's just the start - with Edmonds at the brink of death and unable to be moved into an operating theatre, surgeon Michael Byrom has no option but to cut open his ribcage and stitch up his still-beating heart right there in the resuscitation bay. It's amazing to watch Byrom and the emergency-department team perform such a big operation on a man at death's door without the right equipment and have it turn out perfectly. Well, that's assuming you can watch; it's not for the squeamish. While the hospital staff are brilliant, the camera crew also deserve praise for getting great footage of the surgery without, apparently, getting in the way. Kings Cross ER could do with a little tightening up - the five minutes of scene-setting waffle at the start would have been better condensed into 90 seconds - but it's great stuff.

Two Greedy Italians, LifeStyle Food, 8.30pm

ANTONIO Carluccio exudes melancholy and disappointment as he and fellow chef Gennaro Contaldo return to Italy after decades away. Why? Apparently because modern Italian women aren't chained to the stove. Of course, Carluccio wouldn't see it that way. He sees himself as being concerned with the importance of family (he deeply regrets not having children) and with the survival of traditional cooking. There's a lot to be said for that, but the septuagenarian Carluccio gives the game away in a scene in which he gives a group of young women a finger-wagging lecture for not cooking enough. When a young man at the table explains that he cooks because his girlfriend is too busy, Carluccio isn't consoled by the fact that the guy, at least, is cooking. He focuses on how ''very sad'' it is that the girl isn't cooking for the guy. A taste of a bygone era.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Discovery Home & Health, 8pm

SIX-year-old pageant princess Alana ''Honey Boo Boo Child'' Thompson and her self-described redneck family are effervescent, uninhibited and often uproariously funny. Tonight's episode isn't one of the most memorable but it has its amusing moments, along with the usual quota of gross-out scenes (including a look at the nasty ''crust'' between Mama June's neck and second chin). There's extreme couponing at the supermarket, a slip'n'slide on a soapy tarp on the front lawn, and high jinks with Alana's pet pig, Glitzy (''She ooo'd herself!'').


Prophets of Science Fiction: Philip K. Dick, Discovery Science, 8.30pm

A look at the life and work of Philip K. Dick, whose stories became films such as Blade Runner, Minority Report and Total Recall.

Yukon Men, Discovery, 8.30pm

Life-and-death reality in a tiny, isolated Alaskan village.

Key & Peele, Comedy, 8.30pm

Better-than-average American sketch comedy.