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Pay TV: Tuesday, January 29

The Hotel Inspector, LifeStyle, 9.30pm

THIS week, hotel guru Alex Polizzi heads to the British town of St Albans to overhaul a historic 15th-century hotel - and, in what almost feels like a crossover into a reality program of a different genre, repair a shaky marriage. Jayne and Ross McBeath took over the White Hart Hotel more than four years ago with no experience, and are yet to make a profit. Or, it would seem, exchange a civil word. In theory the hotel should be doing well - it's a genuine Tudor building in a historic town, even claiming, like many British hotels of the era, to have its own ghosts. Which is where it's all gone so horribly wrong. Jayne has latched on to the ghost idea and run with it as a theme, which she has interpreted with an extraordinary lack of historical knowledge - and taste. The ghosts are said to be that of a prostitute, a former landlord, and a little girl, but Jayne has tried to capitalise on the supernatural by installing cheap props she presumably picked up from Tesco - plastic skeletons, Halloween pumpkins and rubber masks - and creating a menu worthy of a bad theatre restaurant. Enter Alex, who promptly bins the ''paranormal bollocks'' and helps them to embrace the building's true history, by cashing in with a ''genuine'' Tudor-style banquet and guided history walk for guests. She also delegates Ross and Jayne jobs that involve little contact with each other, and succeeds in an almost-happy ending for this dysfunctional couple.


The Carrie Diaries, Fox8, 8.30pm

Those seeking the originality and spirit of the original Sex and the City series look away now.

Plain Jane, MTV, 9.30pm

A reality series that seeks to transform one woman from the inside out to reveal a brand-new woman.

Baggage with Jerry Springer, LifeStyle You, 12.15am

Remember when Jerry Springer was toying with running for a seat in the US Senate? Hmmm.