TV picks for Thursday, August 7



7pm, 7Two

Low rent doesn’t begin to describe this odd little offering from our  eastern friends. On the upside, the owners of a shabby motor inn in Lake Taupo, on New Zealand’s North Island, are certainly characters. But from the “professional” talent to the makeover builders, the production values, and the establishment itself (and don’t get me started on Main Street) everything else here looks more like a YouTube clip than an actual TV show.




8pm, One

Like Two Broke Girls, only with blokes, the potentially funny setup of two successful young adults having their dads move back in with them is completely squandered by a succession of lame racist, sexist and simply off-colour gags (if you’re going to make poo jokes after the age of four, you’ve gotta make sure they’re good), and pretty execrable acting and timing. However if you’ve been watching this on Eleven on Sunday nights, it’s now here on One for the duration of the series.



8.30pm SBS One

Heston Blumenthal is in his element tonight when he discovers a group of Swiss professors who are growing a magic mould in petri dishes to enhance the flavour of lean beef. (Because as everyone knows, fat and gristle enhance flavour but not everyone likes to eat them.) But the real credit has to go to the good chef’s design and build team, who tonight help him celebrate that great British classic, roast beef, by building a spit roast that has to be seen to be believed. All good fun, in typical Heston style.