TV Picks, Sunday August 6



9.30pm, Seven

Castle loves to wrestle with the big issues: ComiCon, alternate realities, fan fiction. Tonight it tackles another pressing matter: the life of a young performer whose tale bears a startling (just this side of litigious) resemblance to Miley Cyrus. Whodunit will surprise no one – and Alexis’ sweetness can sometimes be a bit cloying – but the interaction between the two teens is great fun, as is the evolving relationship between Beckett and her beau.




6.30pm, Nine

It’s the first room reveal tonight and while one couple has come unstuck (as we knew they would) other results are much more surprising. The casting in this latest chapter is fabulous and what we discover about one of the couples is, well, what reality TV is all about. Elsewhere I’m not convinced we need the MKR-style contestants judging other contestants – the lack of hating is one of the things that make this series so enjoyable. Tomorrow night we’ll see how it all pans out.



6.30pm, Ten

This special celebrating Ten’s 50th anniversary is being put together not long before it goes to air, but there’s no doubt the network has plenty of celebrate. Sure, the last few years have been rocky. But hopefully it will be both inspiration and guide for current management to contemplate just what has made for greatness in the past. Whether that’s Number 96, Prisoner, Big Brother or Secret Life of Us, Ten at its best takes risks not for shock value, but with purpose. Long may it continue to do so.