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Weekend pay TV

Saturday, October 20

America with Lisa Ling, National Geographic, 10.30pm

A POIGNANT and ultimately tragic instalment in which journalist Lisa Ling follows the lives of two heroin-addicted Ohio couples during the course of two years. Although heroin is commonly thought of as a big-city drug, Ling explains that in recent years the drug's use has exploded in smaller towns in the midwest. Unfortunately, she doesn't provide much in the way of figures or reasons for this, or talk about whether it has any relation to the widespread and more widely publicised abuse of prescription opioids such as oxycodone. But in the case of Mike and Darla, who have been married for 20 years, there is a clear connection: Mike became addicted to painkillers after being injured at work, and he eventually turned to heroin because it was cheaper and stronger. Soon enough, Darla and three of their four children were also addicted to heroin. The documentary also shows how, in the US, the high price of drugs used to treat heroin addiction can lead to addicts returning to heroin.

Duck Dynasty, A&E, 9pm

DUCK Dynasty is scraping the bottom of the bayou tonight. Duck-whistle millionaire Willie is unhappy to learn that his 14-year-old daughter has a boyfriend. He decides to take the boy out into the swamp and try to scare him by emptying a handgun clip into a venomous snake. But when the kid turns out to be a pretty mean snake shooter himself, he gets Willie's approval. What novelty this show had wore off quickly.

Prescription Addiction, Bio, 8.30pm

Documentary looking at the abuse of prescription painkillers in Tampa Bay, Florida, where prescription-drug overdoses kill almost as many people as car accidents.


CMC Rocks the Hunter, CMC, 8pm

American country singers Tracey Lawrence and Craig Campbell perform live in the Hunter Valley.

World Rally Championship 2012, Speed, 9pm

Highlights from day one of the Rally d'Italia.

Sunday, October 21

Phil Collins: One Night Only, Bio, 8.30pm

PHIL Collins does Motown, bloodlessly, in this dispiriting live TV special. There's no doubt that Collins really loves soul music but it's an oddly wan performance, and his vocals wouldn't get near spinning a single chair were he an unknown on The Voice. It's all the more awkward because he's out in front of an absolutely terrific band - both Collins and presenter Ben Shephard make much of the fact it contains former members of the old Motown house band, though they neglect to introduce them by name. The set list includes Tears of a Clown, My Girl, You Can't Hurry Love and (Love Is Like a) Heat Wave, and the studio audience laps it up. More interesting are the pre-recorded segments in which Collins talks about the music (explaining that the tambourine is ''the most important instrument in Motown'') and revisits the Soho clubland he haunted as a youth.

Hoarders, Bio, 7.30pm

IT'S one of the most stomach-churning episodes yet as we meet Californian man Glen, whose house is alive with more than 2000 rats. They carpet the floor as he feeds them with buckets of birdseed, and they have destroyed his walls, ceilings and furniture. Glen sleeps in his shed because, when he tries to sleep on his rat-infested mattress, they pull out his hair for nesting material and lick the moisture from his eyeballs. As animal-welfare workers begin the enormous task of capturing all the rats, we learn that Glen's attachment to them is related to his profound grief at losing his wife to a heart attack when she was just 39.

Fish Tank Kings, Nat Geo Wild, 6.30pm

Shows about cake shops are so 2009. Aquarium-building reality is the new thing. Here, the Fish Tank Kings crew do an aquarium for a recording studio; on Tanked (Animal Planet, 12.30pm), the guys put a fish tank inside a baseball team's bus.

Cheese Slices, LifeStyle Food, 3pm

Will Studd heads to Normandy to see monks making traditional cheese.

Rove LA, Fox8, 7.30pm

Rove McManus chats with celebrity guests.