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Multimillionaire Tsvetnenkos find life's richest gift

Some people have all the luck.

That's certainly the case for the first child born to multi-millionaire power couple Lydia and Zhenya Tsvetnenko on Tuesday.

The baby girl, named Max Alice, was born to parents whose fortune has been estimated as high as $115 million.

Mr Tsvetnenko said they were enraptured by their new daughter.

"We are super excited, feel so lucky and can't take our eyes of her," he said.

He shared the news with 1,700 Facebook friends by posting the message: "Baby girl Max Alice Tsvetnenko arrived today at 2.47 weighing 2.975kg. Mum and baby are doing great!"

In 2012, BRW labelled Mr Tsvetnenko the richest young West Australian and estimated his wealth, made through his invention of automatic SMS delivery, at $70 million.

Meanwhile, his wife realised her own success with the Perth-based fashion label Zhivago, which she runs with business partner Lara Kovacevich.

The talented designer also manages to combine their high-flying, partying lifestyle with giving back to the community with her other baby, Tsvet Productions, which allows her to throw lavish parties to raise money for charity.