Doctors tend to orangutan at Melbourne Zoo

Suma the orang-utan was on the table for three hours while the team X-rayed her arthritic joints and checked her heart rate, brain activity and blood pressure.

Julia Medew   If you could look past her long wiry red hair and thick black skin, Suma looked very similar to the human patients Dr Kevin Moriarty and Dr Marinis Pirpiris usually care for.

Seismic shift for blue whales

Seismic testing by oil and gas companies is exposing the blue whale to toxic levels of  noise pollution.

Andrew Darby and Lisa Cox   Australia's largest animals, blue whales, are said to be at risk from "ships of deaf" run by the oil and gas industry.

African painted dogs move into National Zoo and Aquarium's bachelor pad

African painted dogs at the National Zoo and Aquarium.

The Canberra Times

Photo Jamila Toderas

Clare Colley   They might have the word ‘dog’ in their name, but the latest group of bachelors to move in to the National Zoo and Aquarium are nothing like their domesticated cousins.

Ricky Gervais shames giraffe killer

Rebecca Francis

An extreme hunter has become the target of a social media backlash after a photo of her posing beside a dead giraffe was tweeted by comedian Ricky Gervais. 

Bremer Bay canyon: blood and guts TV reality of WA's pod of killer whales

Killer whales off the WA coast

Lucy Murray   A pod of killer whales off the Western Australian coast are about to become reality TV stars.

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Video: Chimpanzees take down, destroy drone


Tim Biggs   While the world's top human scientists, philosophers and futurists are pushing for urgent debate and law reform to deal with the real possibility that we will be eradicated or fundamentally changed by the development of hyper-intelligent robots, some of our primate cousins are stepping in to take a more direct approach.

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Paddle boarder drives himself to hospital after shark bite near Batemans Bay

The man's ankle after he was bitten near Batemans Bay.

A man has driven himself to hospital after being bitten by a shark while paddle boarding on the NSW south coast.

Brady the eagle survives feral animal trap

Brady the wedge-tailed eagle was caught in a feral animal trap at Gympie.

Natalie Bochenski   A huge wedge-tailed eagle has wound up in hospital after getting on the wrong end of a feral animal trap in Gympie.

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Net closes on pirate fishers

The poaching vessel Thunder sinks in suspicious circumstances.

Andrew Darby   The suspicious sinking of the Thunder brings the long battle against Antarctic pirate fishers close to an end, legal fishers say.    

Police called in over mass greyhound burial site found in Cessnock

Four more people have been charged as part of an investigation into live baiting in Queensland's greyhound racing industry.

Jessica Brown   Two greyhound burial sites on the Keinbah Trial Track at Cessnock are under police investigation.

Wildlife carers take aim at cats

Conservationists are calling for wider cat containment throughout   the ACT.

John Thistleton   Carers who patch up the victims of roaming domestic cats in Canberra say they should be kept under wider control.

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Panda breaks mating records with 18-minute session

Lu Lu the panda has broken the record for the longest mating session with Xi Mei.

William Wan   They call him "the Enduring Brother." And for the second time in days, a particularly amorous male panda in China has smashed the record for longest mating session, zookeepers say.

Mass greyhound grave sites reported in three states


Natalie O'Brien   A report into a mass greyhound grave site on a Hunter Valley property will be passed to police and the RSPCA to consider whether any action can be taken, as two people have been charged over a separate discovery of 55 greyhound bodies at a site in Queensland.

Tiny songbird can fly the Atlantic

Superbird: The blackpoll warbler.

A songbird weighing the equivalent of three teaspoons of sugar can fly over the north Atlantic, scientists say.

Chicken farmer denies mistreating birds after activists release photos

Sick chook

Beau Donelly   The owner of a 6000-bird caged-hen farm in the Yarra Valley has denied activists' claims that his chickens were mistreated, and said he was satisfied all birds were being cared for properly.

Greyhounds shot at possible dumping ground, police say

Outrage: Greyhound racing.

Natalie Bochenski and Kim Stephens   Police say 55 greyhounds found dead in bushland near Bundaberg were shot and no attempt was made to bury the carcasses.

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Polar bear Knut's baby brother christened Fiete

Knut's baby brother, Fiete, at the zoo in Rostock.

Eight years after Knut drew millions of visitors to the Berlin Zoo, the polar bear's baby brother has been christened at a zoo in the north-eastern German town of Rostock.

Roaming domestic cats should be brought to heel


Jon Stanhope   The ACT Domestic Animals Act 2000 provides the mechanism for targeted, practical and effective action against a key threat to at-risk species: roaming domestic cats, and Canberra is well placed to be a national leader on this issue.

Scientists, Stanhope push cat lock-up

Contained cats avoid accidents.

John Thistleton   One signature could save Australia's native animals in Canberra, say 30 eminent ACT scientists, conservationists and former politicans

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Keepers hope it will be giraffe love at first sight for Shaba and Mzungu

New giraffe Shaba on his way to the National Zoo and Aquarium.

Georgina Connery   Shaba has just arrived at the National Zoo and Aquarium and there are high hopes this strapping male Giraffe will be a fitting new boyfriend for the zoo's four-year-old female Mzungu.

Australian war hero dog Sarbi dies, aged 12

Sarbi, Australia's most decorated military dog, has died.

Patrick Hatch   Australia's most decorated canine war hero, who went missing in war-torn Afghanistan for over a year, has died after a short battle with brain cancer.

Swift parrot flying into crisis

A flock of one of the most endangered parrots in Australia, the swift parrot, has been spotted feeding in the Royal National Park.

Andrew Darby   The swift parrot, Australia's fastest nectar-eater, is rapidly heading for extinction.

Police dog Ulrich saves missing stroke victim Herbert Bartlett

missing stroke victim Herbert Bartlett

Rachel Olding   Lying in long grass next to a lake, stroke victim Herbert Bartlett was barely visible to the eyes of rescue crews.

Putting a price on species survival

The leadbeater's possum.

Lucy Battersby   Saving the tiny but beautiful yellow-and-black-striped southern corroboree frog from extinction in the next five years will cost $3.7 million, and it is only one of 20 species that Zoos Victoria want to save.  

Labor to ban puppies from pet shops

One of the ads for a puppy from an Armidale puppy farm

Eryk Bagshaw   The NSW Labor party would ban the sale of puppies from pet stores if elected to government in March. Labor leader, Luke Foley, will announce the policy on Saturday along with a ban on large scale puppy farms that limits the amount of breeding dogs to ten per farm.

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Meet the 'Carolina butcher', the giant crocodile that walked on its hind legs

An artist's impression of Carnufex carolensis, a newly-discovered crocodilian ancestor.

Rachel Feltman   At 2.7 metres long, with blade-like teeth and walking on its hind legs, Carnufex carolinensis - which translates as "Carolina butcher" - roamed North America 230 million years ago.

Quolls should replace domestic cats: Senator Leyonhjelm

The quolls may be a good candidate for Australian households

Tom Decent   Quolls should replace domestic cats in Australian households. 

Stokes downplays cable logging threat

Logging in state native forests: a perennial battle.

Peter Hannam   The Baird government is likely to take a dim view of any proposal to trial controversial cable logging on steep slopes on the state’s North Coast, according to Environment Minister Rob Stokes.

Monster stingray could be a record-beater

An image of the stingray from <i>Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin</i>.

Elahe Izadi   The creature, caught in Thailand, may help scientists unravel mysteries of this elusive animal.

Pressure to extend native vegetation laws

Koala in Bradbury on Sydney's south-western edge.

Peter Hannam   Pressure is mounting on the Baird government to support the retention of key elements of anti-landclearing laws, with claims the Native Vegetation Act is sparing more than 100,000 native animals a year