Australian war hero dog Sarbi dies, aged 12

Sarbi, Australia's most decorated military dog, has died.

Patrick Hatch   Australia's most decorated canine war hero, who went missing in war-torn Afghanistan for over a year, has died after a short battle with brain cancer.

Swift parrot flying into crisis

A flock of one of the most endangered parrots in Australia, the swift parrot, has been spotted feeding in the Royal National Park.

Andrew Darby   The swift parrot, Australia's fastest nectar-eater, is rapidly heading for extinction.

Police dog Ulrich saves missing stroke victim Herbert Bartlett

missing stroke victim Herbert Bartlett

Rachel Olding   Lying in long grass next to a lake, stroke victim Herbert Bartlett was barely visible to the eyes of rescue crews.

Putting a price on species survival

The leadbeater's possum.

Lucy Battersby   Saving the tiny but beautiful yellow-and-black-striped southern corroboree frog from extinction in the next five years will cost $3.7 million, and it is only one of 20 species that Zoos Victoria want to save.  

Labor to ban puppies from pet shops

One of the ads for a puppy from an Armidale puppy farm

Eryk Bagshaw   The NSW Labor party would ban the sale of puppies from pet stores if elected to government in March. Labor leader, Luke Foley, will announce the policy on Saturday along with a ban on large scale puppy farms that limits the amount of breeding dogs to ten per farm.

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Meet the 'Carolina butcher', the giant crocodile that walked on its hind legs

An artist's impression of Carnufex carolensis, a newly-discovered crocodilian ancestor.

Rachel Feltman   At 2.7 metres long, with blade-like teeth and walking on its hind legs, Carnufex carolinensis - which translates as "Carolina butcher" - roamed North America 230 million years ago.

Quolls should replace domestic cats: Senator Leyonhjelm

The quolls may be a good candidate for Australian households

Tom Decent   Quolls should replace domestic cats in Australian households. 

Stokes downplays cable logging threat

Logging in state native forests: a perennial battle.

Peter Hannam   The Baird government is likely to take a dim view of any proposal to trial controversial cable logging on steep slopes on the state’s North Coast, according to Environment Minister Rob Stokes.

Monster stingray could be a record-beater

An image of the stingray from <i>Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin</i>.

Elahe Izadi   The creature, caught in Thailand, may help scientists unravel mysteries of this elusive animal.

Pressure to extend native vegetation laws

Koala in Bradbury on Sydney's south-western edge.

Peter Hannam   Pressure is mounting on the Baird government to support the retention of key elements of anti-landclearing laws, with claims the Native Vegetation Act is sparing more than 100,000 native animals a year

Puppy killer Nathan Thompson banned from keeping animals for 10 years

Nathan Thompson: admits his actions were "cold-blooded".

Gabriel Wingate-Pearse   Kurri Kurri puppy killer Nathan Thompson has been banned from having anything to do with animals for at least 10 years.

500 pigs die from heat stress at NSW piggery

Pigs ... 500 animals died after a cooling system failed.

Daniel Johns   Shocked workers are reeling from the discovery of 500 dead pigs at a piggery in southern NSW.

RSCPA rescues dogs from puppy farm 'squalor' near Bendigo

Rescued pup

Allison Worrall   An alleged illegal puppy farm in rural Victoria has been raided after the RSPCA uncovered squalid conditions on the property.

Nathan Thompson pleads guilty to bashing puppies to death in Kurri Kurri

Lucky, one of the puppies who survived, is being treated at the RSPCA veterinary clinic in Rutherford, near to Newcastle..

Gabriel Wingate-Pearse   A 25-year-old man has pleaded guilty to killing all but two of a litter of 11 puppies by bashing them over the head with a rock in a horrific act of animal cruelty in the NSW Hunter region.

Smiley the blind service dogs brings joy to those in need

Rescued from a puppy farm, Smiley is living up to his name by bringing joy to people in need.

Yolanda Redrup   A blind service dog named Smiley is bringing joy to people around the world after his inspirational story was shared on ABC News in the US.

Man charged after puppies bashed to death in Kurri Kurri

Lucky is being treated at the RSPCA veterinary clinic in Rutherford, near to Newcastle..

Megan Levy   A man has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty offences after allegedly killing nine puppies that had been advertised for sale online.

Mum and Julio high up in the squirrel monkey 'schoolyard' at Taronga Zoo

Baby squirrel monkey Julio with Mum Lena.

Steve Jacobs   Looking almost human, Julio holds on to his mum, Lena, for dear life as she leaps from branch to branch.

Mystery death at Crufts: who poisoned Jagger the Irish setter?

A red setter looks out from a booth on the first day of Crufts dog show.

Camilla Turner   The genteel world of the Crufts dog show has been rocked by a mystery which has resulted in one dog apparently being killed and two others taken ill in suspected poisonings.

Trainee seeing eye dogs face sensory test

Roma Street Fire Station Senior Firefighters Tim Collingwood and Luke Beaven get a visit from 15-week-old Seeing Eye Dog Otto. Otto visited the fire station with other dogs and puppy carers from Seeing Eye Dog Australia to expose the dogs to the loud noise of the fire engine sirens.

Cameron Atfield   Roma Street fire station is no stranger to training, but an invasion of trainee assistance dogs on Saturday showed it was not always about dousing flames.

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Treating pythons, gorillas, and now a monkey all in a day's work for a vet

Ovo, a golden lion tamarin monkey at Melbourne Zoo, has gallstones, and is fed medicine on a piece of bread to dissolve them.

Bridie Smith   When one of Melbourne Zoo's endangered golden lion tamarin monkeys was diagnosed with gallstones vets called in their expert - human gastroenterologist Greg Taggart.

Snake caught stealing sausage straight from a barbecue

The photo that has set tongues wagging over its authenticity.

Snake catcher Geoff Delooze has seen some things – giant red-bellies, snakes in the walls of childcare centres. But this one takes the snag.

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Three-metre shark returns - with a friend

A great white shark was spotted with a small fish in tow.

Dan Proudman   A large great white shark cruised closely by three fishermen, but it is what was with it that has the men excited.

'The Weasel and the Woodpecker' show takes flight online

Weasel taking on a woodpecker

Su-Lin Tan   "The Weasel and the Woodpecker" could well be the name of the next English classic fantasy story to follow the likes of Harry Potter and Brer Rabbit.

Killing of 700 Otway koalas the right thing to do, scientists say

Researcher Desley Whisson with three koalas that died of starvation in the Otways

Bridie Smith   Conservation scientists have urged the state government not to be swayed by the media attention surrounding the killing of almost 700 koalas at Cape Otway.

Welcome to 'Cat Island', where felines outnumber humans

This is our island: Cats crowd the harbour at Aoshima.

Chris Meyers   'I carry tourists every week, even though the only thing we have to offer is cats,' a ferry captain said.

Superb lyrebird a natural firefighter and protector of other species

Superb lyrebirds reduced forest litter by 1.66 tonnes per hectare over a nine-month period.

Darren Gray   Victoria's forests have an unlikely fire warden: the superb lyrebird.

Spider v snake: Redback spider wins, snake dies from likely poisoning

The redback spider with its victim on Neale Postlethwaite's farm.

Luke Malpass   In an extremely rare sighting, a redback spider has caught, poisoned and killed a small snake.

Too much ice not good for penguins

They're fat and happy today, but emperor penguins may have had too much of a good thing during the last ice age.

Rachel Feltman   A new genetic analysis of emperor penguins suggests that even the kings of the cold can get too chilly for their own good.

Canine war hero Sarbi visits Brisbane dog park named in her honour

Sarbi, the Australian Special Forces explosives detection dog, poses with the statue cast in her honour at Warner Lakes north of Brisbane.

Cameron Atfield   She spent 14 months lost, presumed dead, wandering war-torn Afghanistan.

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RSPCA ACT upset man escaped conviction for animal cruelty

Screen shots taken from video shown in court as part of case against Canberra man.

Michael Inman   Do Canberrans harbour a hatred for possums? The RSPCA ACT wonders in the fallout of Canberra courts failure to convict a man for battering a possum with a pole.