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Bronte Beach gets seal of approval

It's a seal's life, soaking up the sun at Bronte Beach's ocean pool on a Thursday morning. 

But swimmer Rob Hutcheon reckoned the seal had earned a rest. 

"It looks like it's shattered," Mr Hutcheon said. 

"It's just sleeping. It really looks tired."

Tourists and parents with children gathered around the pool to get a glimpse of the seal. 

Even joggers paused and took out their earphones to have a proper gander.

"It's a bit of a bubble-breaker," Mr Hutcheon said. 

He was told by officials the pool would be closed for at least the next 24 hours as the animal recuperates. 

Seals have become a more common sight for Sydneysiders in recent years, with protections boosting the number of NSW fur seals by 19 per cent last year.