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Five-metre great white shark filmed off NSW coast

Footage has emerged of a five-metre-plus great white shark swimming around game fishing boats off Narooma on the NSW Far South Coast.

Deckhand Michael Muscat took the footage from the charter boat Tru-Dee V, whose crew first saw the shark.

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Game fishermen spot a five-metre shark while fishing off Narooma on the south coast.

Mr Muscat shot the footage on his GoPro camera over the side. It shows the shark swimming leisurely past the boat.

The shark was seen just south of The Kink on the edge of the Continental Shelf between Narooma and Bermagui last week.

"Crusty", the skipper of the Tru-Dee V, had pulled up at a large coil of  rope that was floating at the south end of The Kink on the edge of the Continental Shelf between Narooma and Bermagui.

Crusty was targeting dolphinfish under the rope when he saw the shark.


The footage shows the shark swimming past the boat. The dolphinfish are also visible under the rope. 

"The shark was doing laps and was totally passive," he said. "It wasn't even interested in the dolphinfish we were hooking."

The crew on Tru-Dee V even threw out a mackerel without a hook and the shark was not interested.

Charter skipper Matt Betts of The Sheriff saw the shark while trolling for marlin about 22 kilometres off Narooma.

"It was awesome ... was the highlight of the day, bar the marlin," he said.

"It was five-plus metres. A six-metre boat was next to it and it was as big as the boat. The white came right up to The Sheriff."

Mr Betts and other charter boat skippers were shocked when Canberra spearfisherman Tim Knight jumped off a trailer boat into the water with a proper underwater camera to film the shark. 

Crusty said he encountered a great white shark last year while fishing for mako at the 12-Mile Reef off Bermagui, although it was not as large.

The crew also saw a great white shark off Goalen Head, south of Bermagui, a few months ago but did not get a close look at it.

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