Kitoto hits the road after a hairy incident

Moving house can be a pain in the neck, particularly when that neck is almost two metres long.

Kitoto the giraffe is heading for Sydney's Taronga Zoo from her home in Dubbo's Taronga Western Plains Zoo, but her journey was delayed for 24 hours when she didn't like the rain on Wednesday morning.

Despite zoo keepers using food to try to entice her from her night house and into a transport crate, Kitoto decided she wasn't going anywhere.

"They're usually pretty food motivated, but when it's raining they're not that keen to do anything," a Dubbo zoo spokeswoman said. "She was thinking 'uh, I could probably eat later'."

Zookeepers eventually conceded defeat to the stubborn two-year-old when they realised their delayed departure meant they would hit Sydney peak hour traffic on arrival.

"There was also a car accident on the highway that was blocking the road," the spokeswoman said.


Kitoto had been taking all her meals in the transport crate for the past few weeks, so that she associated being in there with something positive.

But keepers didn't factor in her dislike of getting her hair wet.

"They like to be under shelter when it rains, so she was thinking that to go from her night house to her transport crate was not something that she was keen to do."

To reduce the chances of a repeat refusal, keepers put the transport crate in front of Kitoto's night house on Wednesday night, so that she was able to walk straight into it when she woke up on Thursday morning.

Kitoto will join another three giraffes at Taronga Zoo as she enters breeding age.

AAP and smh.com.au