Esther Han

Esther Han

Esther Han is the consumer affairs reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald

Body Shop scrutiny as 'cruelty-free' products found in China where animal testing occurs

Esther Han The Body Shop's long-standing commitment to cruelty-free products is under question after an investigation by consumer group Choice found the beauty brand's products are being sold in mainland China...

Minnimbah bushfire destroys hectares of pine plantation

#NSWRFS truck

Esther Han Monstrous plumes of smoke climb hundreds of metres into the air as the out-of-control Minnimbah fire destroys hectares of a pine plantation.

Bottlenose dolphin is an 'attention seeker', says National Parks and Wildlife Service ranger

A lone dolphin herds beachgoers off Shelley beach today.

Esther Han "She is an attention seeker," says Peter Bergman, a ranger with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, of a bottlenose dolphin that has been making friends up and down the NSW coast for 18 months.

Taronga Zoo: Marine expert says saving dolphins is not enough

Sea lion

Esther Han That familiar dolphin sticker slapped on tuna cans for two decades worked. The global dolphin-friendly campaign has seen the death rates of dolphins captured in fishing gear plunge by 99 per cent,...

Al Gore criticises PM's scrapping of carbon tax and warns of the dangers of bending to the will of 'special interests' groups

al gore

Esther Han The former United States vice-president, Al Gore, has weighed into the debate over links between bushfires and climate change, saying the government shouldn't bend to the will of “special interests”...

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Keepers push for ban after bees stung by pesticides

Lance Lieber is a hobby honey beekeeper.

Esther Han Urban beekeepers are demanding Bunnings Warehouse remove all products containing neonicotinoids, a class of pesticides, after a European Union ban.

Warm air down and cold air up: wind farms may affect weather

Esther Han As Australia turns towards renewable sources such as wind power in a bid to reduce carbon emissions, a study from the United States has found wind farms themselves may be affecting local weather and...

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Back to the roots to unearth pure inspiration

Esther Han Last April, Lily Morrissey crammed a small camera, a camcorder and a laptop into her backpack and embarked on a worldwide adventure to document solutions to environmental problems.

Scrapped dam near heritage site now back on the table


Esther Han The state government is reviewing a decision to scrap plans for a dam in northern NSW, despite evidence that its construction could harm dozens of endangered species.