Jacob Saulwick

Jacob Saulwick

Jacob Saulwick is Transport Reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Sydney farmers defy 'land speculators'

Dairy Farmer Tony Biffin in the paddocks at the family run 'Biffin Dairy' in Cawdor near Camden, Sydney. Biffin Dairy milks approximately 105 cows twice a day, every day of the year. 4th February, 2016. Photo: Kate GeraghtyClick to play video

Jacob Saulwick Local food producers, pressured by urban sprawl, argue the benefits of retaining farmland in the Sydney Basin.

Sydney storm: rough water stops rescuers from using boats to reach trapped train passengers

Bardwell Park

Jacob Saulwick The State Emergency Service was close to using boats to rescue 12 people on a Canberra to Sydney train late on Tuesday night, before aborting the exercise because the water flooding the rail line was...

F for Ferry?

Jacob Saulwick A change in transport signs for New South Wales may leave tourists flummoxed.

Crack teams drop onto 'black edge' to hunt hot spots

Remote Area Fire Team.

Jacob Saulwick, Sarah Whyte ''We walk the black edge.'' Paul Downie is explaining how to fight fires without water. You do it with chainsaws, with rake hoes, and by take long slogging walks through charred-forests, breaking up...

Raise Warragamba, says dam expert

A family enjoying the view of the dam from a platform at the Warragamba Dam Visitor Centre.

Jacob Saulwick A MAJOR flood of the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley in western Sydney would be more devastating than the Brisbane floods of 2011 and was just as likely to occur, said an expert witness to the Queensland...

Thousands hung out to dry in the west


Jacob Saulwick, Peter Hannam, Gemma Khaicy LARGE swaths of far-western Sydney remain vulnerable to the types of flooding that occurred in Brisbane two years ago and that are ravaging parts of Queensland and northern NSW.

Disaster clusters keep scientists guessing

Jacob Saulwick MAMMOTH earthquakes tend to strike across the world in a cluster but scientists do not know why.

Steam trains leave travellers hot under the collar


Jacob Saulwick and Amy McNeilage Prasad Kamath travels by train to work from Harris Park to Wynyard, and sometimes brings a spare pair of clothes because the carriages get so hot.

After the rain, the valley keeps a welcome for signs of hope

Ian Gehrke

Jacob Saulwick THERE is not much farming going on in the Lockyer Valley right now, one of Australia's most fertile farming plains and a big supplier of vegetables on the east coast.

'You're my little hero': farewell to 'Weedsy'


Jacob Saulwick He was only 13 but he gave his life even though he had lived it scared of water and of the dark.

Score to start the rest of their lives: 5 not bad to 1 unliveable


Jacob Saulwick GRANTHAM MORE than a week after a wall of water carved its way through their town, residents of the southern and western halves of Grantham were finally allowed to visit their homes yesterday - and then the...

Painstaking search keeps locals out of their homes

Jacob Saulwick and Tom Reilly GRANTHAM THEY move in straight lines, inching along, feeling their way through water and mud with long wooden staffs.

Groceries going via NT and sea barges

Jacob Saulwick HOW do you supply the best part of a state when its highway system is splintered and its biggest port is swamped by debris and closed for business?

Prevention definitely worth cost

Jacob Saulwick PERSUADING governments to plan for big floods and stormwater crises has become increasingly difficult during the drought-stricken past decade, water management experts say.

PM to move quickly on climate change

Jacob Saulwick Julia Gillard will move fast to try to reassert the government's credentials on climate change when Parliament sits for the first time since the election tomorrow.

'Green skills' already being taught


Jacob Saulwick Apprentices are already being trained in the "green skills" that formed the centrepiece of Kevin Rudd's address to the Labor Party conference.