Julie Power

Julie Power is a reporter for Fairfax Media

Samantha Bayly poses for a portrait holding her illustration of an Australian White Ibis (Bin Chicken), and wearing one ...

The woman who makes the ibis look beautiful

There is already a bee woman and a snake lady in her university course, but Samantha Bayly wants to be known as the ugly animal painter, depicting beasts that only "a mother could love".

Cats claw creeper taking over the banks of the Timbarra River, near Drake, NSW.

Feral threats: Goats dance on threatened nest

The sight of feral goats dancing on a malleefowl nest where eggs were laid by the threatened bird species shocked Fiona Gray, a regional landcare facilitator in South Australia, who is one of three winners of this year's PestSmart Feral Photo competition.

Greg Lawrence is one of four property owners who will have turbines on their properties as part of the new Silverton ...

Mining the wind drought-proofs some Broken Hill farmers

Droughts come regularly to outback Broken Hill, killing sheep, burning profits and carving farmland into craters. But the wind is constant, said local farmer Greg Lawrence, sitting on a rocky and gusty hill that only a feral goat could love.