Lenore Taylor

Lenore Taylor

Lenore Taylor is chief political correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald. She is a Walkley Award winner, a winner of the Paul Lyneham Award for excellence in press gallery journalism and a former foreign correspondent, based in London. She co-authored a book, "Shitstorm" on the Rudd government's response to the global economic crisis. She has covered federal politics for more than 20 years.

Coalition distorts facts in campaign on pollution charge

Lenore Taylor The Coalition has distributed 34 pages of climate change ''talking points'' to help its federal MPs step up their anti-tax campaign, including several assertions that are untrue or misleading, as...

Officials secretly complained to China about 'lack of ambition' in emissions target

China pollution.

Lenore Taylor The Gillard government has always publicly insisted China is taking significant steps to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, but WikiLeaks cables reveal senior Australian bureaucrats complained...

Power price warning 'based on gouging theory'

Combet.  Minister for climate change Greg Combet talks on the new carbon tax.  Melbourne Age. news. Photo by Angela wylie. July 14 2011.

Lenore Taylor THE NSW government's dire warnings about electricity price rises are based on the assumption that the state's generators will ''price gouge'' by charging households one and a half times the increased...

Energy body dark on tax's coal discrimination

SMH News August 22, 2011. Cathy Wilcox cartoon. Carbon tax

Lenore Taylor The NSW government may have to bail out its black coal power generators because almost all of the federal government's promised $5.

Business seeks carbon tax escape clause

Lenore Taylor Big business is demanding the Gillard government include economic ''safety valves'' so carbon tax legislation can be ''scaled down'' if its core assumptions of indefinite economic growth and steady...

Pollution permits out if we get in: Coalition

Power plants.

Lenore Taylor Electricity markets could be severely disrupted by the Coalition's threat not to compensate generators for around half a billion dollars of forward-dated pollution permits set to be auctioned before...

Keep it civil, urges Abbott as protesters maintain the rage

Tony Abbott.

Lenore Taylor TONY ABBOTT has told his party that politicians have a ''duty'' to keep the political debate ''civil'' because ''we don't want our country reduced to two warring camps''.

Calculations behind $11b estimate should be made public, says Brown

Greens leader Senator Bob Brown speaks to the media during a doorstop at Parliament House Canberra on Friday 12 August 2011.Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Lenore Taylor Greens leader, Bob Brown, has defended his demand that the government provide information about how it calculated the $11 billion in revenue it estimates it will receive from the mining tax.

Coalition on attack over carbon tax modelling

Carbon tax

Lenore Taylor The Coalition is questioning the integrity of global carbon markets, the credibility of Treasury modelling and the introduction of a new tax in times of global economic uncertainty as the anti-carbon...

Department faces Coalition axe

Former federal MP Andrew Robb AO and board member of the Garvan Medical Research Foundation who resigned from politics in 2009 due to depression.3 June 2011Photograph: Jon Reid

Lenore Taylor The Coalition could axe the Department of Climate Change and get the Environment Department to oversee its ''direct action'' climate policy as part of an attempt to save money by cutting 12,000...

A decade before carbon tax influences electricity sector

NCH ARCHIVEGeneric photograph of Liddell Power Station, Liddell, NSW. Please note that it is NOT smoke coming out of the stacks, it is steam. Carbon Tax, Coal, Hunter Valley, Climate Change, Global Warming, Environment, Climate Sceptics, Dirty Coal, Air, Pollution, Clean Energy, Solar, Fossil Fuel, Mining, Electricity, Jobs, Employment, Economy, Emission Trading Scheme, Science, Oil, Gas, Atmosphere, Future, Landscape, Green, Earth Hour, Planet, Biology.27th July 2011 NewcastleNCH ARCHIVE PIC JONATHAN CARROLL

Lenore Taylor A carbon price would not force any big change in the largest source of greenhouse gases - the electricity generation sector - until after 2020, expert modelling shows.

Emissions cut plan for 2050 attacked by business lobby

Lenore Taylor A leading business group has attacked the Gillard government for legislating a new, deeper long-term greenhouse gas reduction target without consultation, despite Labor having promised to seek an...

Reductions in greenhouse gas will be locked in until 2020

Carbon Tax

Lenore Taylor The new carbon tax law will ''lock in'' big annual reductions in greenhouse emissions from industry until 2020 unless a future Coalition government can get explicit Senate approval for changes.

Media authority to investigate complaint about Jones comment

Alan Jones

Lenore Taylor The Australian Communications and Media Authority is investigating a complaint about alleged inaccuracies in statements on climate change by broadcaster Alan Jones.

Liberals seethe over Turnbull's carbon stance

Malcolm Turnbull.

Lenore Taylor Senior Liberals have accused the frontbencher Malcolm Turnbull of making a ''gratuitous'' and ''unhelpful'' intervention in the carbon tax debate with a speech imploring colleagues to stick with the...

Debate mired in abuse

Tony Abbott

Lenore Taylor Julia Gillard was distancing herself from internal Labor critics yesterday and Tony Abbott was accused of changing his policy depending on his audience, as the carbon tax debate descended into...

Coalition U-turn on coal power station closures

Power station

Lenore Taylor Tony Abbott now says he does not want any of Victoria's brown-coal-fired power stations to close or switch to cleaner fuels, despite the Coalition having repeatedly said it expects to pay for one of...

Farmers reject Abbott sums

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott visits Brindabella Airlines at the Canberra Airport on Thursday 7 July 2011.Photo by Alex Ellinghausen / Fairfax

Lenore Taylor Farmers say the Coalition is dramatically underestimating the cost of greenhouse reductions from soil carbon, which makes up 60 per cent of its direct action plan to cut emissions.

Simply may not be the best with carbon

Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Lenore Taylor Australians are supposed to have a choice between two plans to cut greenhouse emissions by 5 per cent by 2020 - Julia Gillard's carbon tax and Tony Abbott's direct action plan.

Carbon tax on coal hits NSW coffers hard

Julia Gillard hit the suburbs yesterday to explain the carbon tax to households.

Lenore Taylor, Phillip Coorey THE NSW government will be hundreds of millions of dollars a year worse off after the federal carbon tax deal denied compensation to the state's mainly government-owned black coal power generators.