Lenore Taylor

Lenore Taylor

Lenore Taylor is chief political correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald. She is a Walkley Award winner, a winner of the Paul Lyneham Award for excellence in press gallery journalism and a former foreign correspondent, based in London. She co-authored a book, "Shitstorm" on the Rudd government's response to the global economic crisis. She has covered federal politics for more than 20 years.

Compromise on carbon tax

Carbon tax

Lenore Taylor, Tom Arup Climate adviser Ross Garnaut's final report today will provide a potential compromise on the most contentious issue dividing the multi-party committee on climate change - who should set Australia's...

Coalminers not appeased by lure of carbon relief


Lenore Taylor Struggling manufacturers would be shielded from the carbon tax with another layer of free permit assistance and also be eligible for billions of dollars in technology grants and ''green'' accelerated...

Energy sellers may have to help customers cut use

Prime MinisterJulia Gillard plans to give energy retailers some of the responsibility of reducing energy use.

Lenore Taylor The Gillard government is considering imposing a national energy efficiency target alongside its new carbon tax to reduce the impact on soaring household and business electricity bills.

Lenore Taylor

No-show reveals true attitude on climate

Treasurer Wayne Swan and Prime Minister Julia Gillard in the front row for the Climate Commission Parliament House Forum.

Lenore Taylor Officially, the Coalition position is to ''welcome'' the climate commission's report and provide bipartisan support for its finding that emissions must be reduced this decade.

Turnbull's climate defence falls short


Lenore Taylor Malcolm Turnbull has again highlighted what critics say is a serious failing of Tony Abbott's ''Direct Action'' climate policy, even as the former leader was trying to prove that he had not sought...

Carbon tax won't hit price of petrol

Untouched...petrol prices will not rise under the proposed carbon tax.

Lenore Taylor Petrol prices will not rise under the new carbon tax after the multi-party committee accepted the federal government's argument it must narrow the cost of living impact of its climate policy in the...

Carbon price shock: now it's $40 tonne

Carbon worth a tonne (Thumbnail)

Lenore Taylor A carbon price of $40 a tonne is needed to force a switch from coal to new, gas-fired electricity generation and reduce Australia's emissions, the federal government has been advised as it prepares...

Experts gauge if carbon price threatens electricity supply


Lenore Taylor, Tom Arup CLAIMS that a carbon price could threaten electricity supply will be examined by another group of experts as the federal government tries to balance the financial demands of the generation companies...

Power company spending under microscope


Brian Robins and Lenore Taylor THE NSW government is undertaking an immediate review of planned capital spending by power companies as it struggles to contain a blowout in household electricity bills that are surging as a result...

Rules entice energy firms to splurge, says Garnaut

Lenore Taylor Energy Minister Martin Ferguson should urgently review electricity market regulation or risk imposing price rises on Australians that would be higher those caused by the carbon tax, the government's...

Gillard suffers climate setback

Julia Gillard

Lenore Taylor The Gillard government has suffered a serious blow to its carbon tax sales pitch with the Productivity Commission saying it is not able to compare the burden on Australian industries with competitors...

No need for tax cuts once we axe carbon price: Hockey

Lenore Taylor and Adam Morton THE Coalition has confirmed it will ''unwind'' personal tax cuts if they were part of a package to compensate households for the carbon tax.

Carbon price plan puts tax cuts on table, says Garnaut

Lenore Taylor NATIONAL AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT The Gillard government is considering Ross Garnaut's plan to use $6 billion a year from the new carbon tax to pay for sweeping personal tax cuts and welfare reforms to compensate low- and...

Carbon dioxide not the bad guy, says Abbott


Lenore Taylor, NATIONAL AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has again questioned the scientific evidence for climate change, saying he does not accept that carbon dioxide is a proven ''environmental villain''.

Abbott repudiates Minchin on climate

Lenore Taylor TONY ABBOTT has insisted the Coalition accepts global warming caused by humans after the Liberal Party elder Nick Minchin said he thought the world was more likely to be cooling.

Gillard geared up for carbon battle with ads in arsenal


Lenore Taylor and Phillip Coorey LABOR insists it will stand and fight for its proposed carbon price even though its primary vote slumped to a record low of 30 per cent in the latest Newspoll.

Most voters believe PM broke carbon tax promise: poll

Lenore Taylor THE Gillard government is failing to sell its proposed carbon tax, with almost half the electorate saying they are against the idea, including a quarter of those who describe themselves as Labor...

Coalition's hunt for scheme supporters

Lenore Taylor THE Coalition is struggling to find clear backers for its ''Direct Action'' climate scheme, with another nominated supporter saying he was not offering a policy endorsement.

Household burden focus of carbon tax scheme


Lenore Taylor, NATIONAL AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT The Gillard government is examining ways to reduce the impact of a carbon tax on household budgets, as the Coalition ramps up its campaign against the financial impact of the yet-to-be-detailed...

Experts doubt Coalition carbon plan

Lenore Taylor, NATIONAL AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT Experts are divided over whether the central element of the Coalition's ''direct action'' alternative climate change policy is workable, but the Opposition Leader insisted yesterday his plan ''stands...