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Nicky Phillips is Science Editor for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Novice runner embarks on Herald half marathon to raise funds for endangered rhinos

Nicky Phillips Since Danielle Fryday went to Africa in 2007, rhinos number have plummeted. But she has a plan to revive their numbers.

Alarms do not deter whales from fishing lines and nets: study

SH NEWS. August 7, 2014. Humpback whales in Sydney on August 5, 2014. Photo:

Nicky Phillips Whales, it seems, just do not want to listen. Even when it is for their own good.

Corals near dredge sites have twice as much disease, study

Nicky Phillips An independent study has revealed the significant impact dredging has on coral reefs, contradicting claims made by the federal government and port developers that dredging at Abbot Point would have...

'Curiosity': the cat-killing bait to protect native species

Proponents say curiosity can reduce feral cat numbers by 80 per cent.

Tom Arup and Nicky Phillips A lethal bait called "curiosity" designed to kill feral cats will be the initial focus of a new national commissioner to save threatened species.

Wally Lewis' daughter participates in world-first study of cochlear implants

Nicky Phillips Almost two decades after the daughter of rugby league legend Wally Lewis, Jamie-Lee, received a cochlear implant researchers will peer inside her brain to learn how it has adapted to the...

Where to spot whales in Sydney

Humpback Whales breach off the coast of Sydney.

Nicky Phillips For someone who studies animals, Rob Harcourt has the unusual advantage of being able to observe his subjects from home.

Toxic estuaries in NSW making rock oysters infertile


Nicky Phillips High concentrations of metals in Port Jackson, Port Kembla and Botany Bay are having a major impact on marine life, researchers have found.

Tasmanian tiger's cousin was a more ferocious killer

Nicky Phillips The Tasmanian tiger had the fierce name, but new research has found a distant cousin was a far more ferocious killer.

Thorny issue of finding a new frog


Nicky Phillips Jodi Rowley can barely contain her excitement when she describes the bizarre new species of frog she helped discover in Vietnam.

Dog gone: scientists confirm the dingo is a unique species


Nicky Phillips Since the arrival of westerners in Australia more than 200 years ago, the dingo has been known as Australia's native dog. But it turns out that our native mutt is not really a mutt.

Climate change to make downpours more violent: expert


Nicky Phillips If you're sick of the heavy rain, you better get used to it. The intense downpours and flash flooding Sydney and the Illawarra experienced over the past few days are going to become more frequent, a...

Humble hut plays key role in climate change research


Nicky Phillips It's easy to miss the old hut that stands behind Casey station on the Antarctic coastline.

Human activity altering rainfall patterns, satellite data shows

Image from Japan Meteorological Agency satellite MTSAT-1R via Bureau of Meteorology. Captured: Saturday 5 March 2011 06:30 UTC. SHD News. 5 March 2011

Nicky Phillips Human activities are altering rainfall patterns across the global, a world first study using satellite data has found.

Giant, meat-eating platypus identified from one fossil tooth

platypus fossil

Nicky Phillips An extinct species of giant, toothed platypus, about a metre in length, has been discovered and identified in far north-west Queensland, using a single tooth.

Antarctic drilling project to get to core issues of climate change


Nicky Phillips Australia will lead a mission to the heart of Antarctica this summer to drill several ice cores that will be used to fill gaps in scientist's understanding of recent climate records.

Inferno expected to generate abnormal, high-altitude cloud


Nicky Phillips A bizarre weather phenomenon known as a fire cloud is likely to form over the fire raging between Lithgow and Bilpin if weather conditions deteriorate from Tuesday, as predicted, say fire analysts.

New climates for Melbourne, Sydney predicted

Melbourne sunset

Nicky Phillips Melbourne has just endured its hottest September on record.

Scientists pinpoint date to restart record books

Sydney's Cronulla Beach.

Nicky Phillips Sydney endured its hottest September on record this year. Thursday may be our hottest October day. But when do we stop talking about breaking records and admit we've got a radically different...

Turning turtle to find new species

Nicky Phillips ''Come on, take off your clothes and get in.'' Scientist Arthur White is neck-deep in a murky creek about 200 kilometres north of Mount Isa, making me an offer I'd rather refuse.

Zoo's elder statesman steps down without a fight

Old Silverback Kibabu in his enclosure at Taronga Zoo.

Nicky Phillips Humans aren't the only primates who retire to the seaside.