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Peter Hannam covers broad environmental issues ranging from climate change to renewable energy for Fairfax Media.

Sydney weather: perfect day to stay indoors as heavy rain hits coast

Peter Hannam Sydney's run of mostly mild weather has come to a blustery, soggy end with heavy rain and damaging winds whipping through the city.

Santos plan for CSG wastewater cops government agency flak

Santos has been told to resubmit plans for the Leewood Produced Water and Beneficial Reuse Project in northern NSW.

Peter Hannam Santos's plans to treat and dispose of coal seam gas waste water from its $2 billion project in northern NSW would pose a "significant environment risk" and face rejection, government agencies said.

Sydney weather: wintry burst on the way for Friday

Hold on: one rough day before conditions settle again.

Peter Hannam A blast of wintry weather will most likely make Friday a wet one in Sydney.

Warm seas keep planet on course for a hot 2015 as El Nino builds

Globe's warm start to 2015 continued last month.

Peter Hannam The world remains on course for another record hot year with the first four months of 2015 setting a new high for temperatures and more signals indicating the emerging El Nino event will be a strong...

Energy subsidies top $6.6 trillion, lift carbon emissions by a fifth: IMF study

The IMF says the true cost of subsidising fossil fuels is huge.

Peter Hannam The world subsidises energy consumption to the tune of more than $200,000 per second, with about 60 per cent of that going to support coal.

Rio's Warkworth mine to be forced to spend $30m on new noise controls

NSW Premier Mike Baird with John Krey, spokesman for the Bulga residents' group opposed to the coal mine's expansion, last month.

Peter Hannam The NSW Planning Department has strengthened conditions governing the expansion of a Rio Tinto mine in the Hunter Valley and referred the project back to the Planning Assessment Commission.

Coal seam gas: AGL cleared of adverse findings to resume operations in Gloucester

A CSG well at AGL's proposed gas field near Gloucester.

Peter Hannam The Baird government has cleared AGL of any "adverse findings" after a probe into the discovery of banned chemicals at the energy giant's coal seam gas operations in northern NSW.

Time to move on after tortuous debates over renewable energy

Renewable energy gets a reprieve.

Peter Hannam In an ideal world, we would not have had the torturous year and a half of debate over the Renewable Energy Target.

Going with the flow: scientists probe changes in the East Australian Current

RV Investigator, Australia's new $126 million research vessel, at work.

Peter Hannam A pivotal driver of climate for Australia's eastern states is changing as the planet warms, but scientists aren't sure why.

April latest in series of very warm months for the planet, Japan says

April was another warm month, globally.

Peter Hannam Last month was within 0.01 degrees of being the equal warmest April in records going back to 1891, Japan Meteorological Agency says.

Parched NSW seeks help as National Water Commission axed

Drought is returning to large parts of inland Queensland and NSW.

Peter Hannam Broken Hill's water reserves are down to about 4 per cent amid forecasts the town will be without water by the end of the year.

Sydney weather: Cold snap brings wintry chill

Snowman: not much chance of making one of these - unless you live on a high peak.

Peter Hannam Sydney's run of balmy weather will take a break as a strong cold front brings a wintry chill to much of the state's south.

Bureau of Meteorology declares El Nino event in Australia

El Nino conditions come as many inland regions are already quite dry.

Peter Hannam Prepare for hotter days and a worsening drought - a ''substantial'' El Nino event is underway.

Sydney weather: Fairly beachy for another week or two

Jack Lowenstein enjoying a spot of volleyball at Bondi Beach this week.

Peter Hannam Keep those sunglasses - and perhaps even the beach towel - within easy reach.

Most Australians view climate change as already causing weather extremes: Ipsos

Most Australians accept climate change is already influencing extreme weather events.

Peter Hannam A clear majority of Australians view global warming as already causing extreme weather events such as storms, droughts and floods and just 3 per cent say "there is no such thing as climate change",...

A strong El Nino may quell debate about a warming 'hiatus'

Pacific warmth may not be a good thing.

Peter Hannam Roughly a year ago, scientists poring over temperature readings of the Pacific from satellites and a depleted array of ocean buoys were so sure an El Nino was on the way, the debate was largely how...

World headed for an El Nino and it could be a big one, scientists say

El Nino conditions are setting in over the Pacific.

Peter Hannam Australia's Bureau of Meteorology is poised to declare an El Nino as certain in coming months as conditions form for a "classic" event.

So this is what thunder looks like: the first images of a thunderclap

How to get lightning to strike where you want it was the first task.

Peter Hannam We know from the 4 million strikes a day what lightning looks like, but what of its audio partner, thunder?

Pacific storms generate massive waves, flooding coastal areas in Mexico

Giant swell at Puerto Escondido on May 3.

Peter Hannam Giant waves, stirred by an intense low pressure system in the Pacific, have given surfers the ride of their lives and flooded coastal regions at a Mexican surf mecca.

Paris 2015: Two degrees warming a 'prescription for disaster' says top climate scientist James Hansen

Wollongong Harbour copped a battering during last month's east coast low.

Peter Hannam The world faces a climate 'emergency' and aiming to limit global temperatures to two degrees won't stop massive sea-level rises within decades, the former NASA scientist says.