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Peter Hannam covers broad environmental issues ranging from climate change to renewable energy for Fairfax Media.

Getting down and dirty on Direct Action

Peter Hannam It's the Abbott-Turnbull government's signature climate policy, but what is it and how does it work?

Sydney weather: thunderstorms roll in from early Friday afternoon

A powerful storm pumps out lightning near Milbrodale in the Hunter on Thursday.

Peter Hannam Thunderstorms are 'a pretty good chance' for Sydney on Friday from the afternoon until mid-evening, with the prospect of localised heavy rainfall, Weatherzone said.

Coal-fired plants lead 'extreme competition', lifting emissions

AGL's Loy Yang A power plant, Australia's largest carbon emissions plant.

Peter Hannam Extreme competition exists between clean energy being forced into the sector from the renewable energy target and surplus capacity among coal-fired power stations.

Sydney weather: Thunderstorms likely to last until week's end

Storm clouds gather off Clovelly earlier this month - more to come this week.

Peter Hannam Sydney residents are being encouraged to keep an ear out for storm warnings on both Thursday and Friday as "dynamic" conditions set up ideal weather for thunderstorms, Weatherzone said.

Record warm Indian Ocean may temper El Nino's wrath on Australia: Bureau

Pacific warmth influences the global climate.

Peter Hannam The powerful El Nino in the Pacific is going strong, but the worst for Australia may be tempered by record warm waters in the Indian Ocean.

Global warming passes 1 degree mark as El Nino builds

For the first time, temperatures have warmed a full degree since industrialisation

Peter Hannam The world has warmed more than one degree since pre-industrial times, passing a key milestone for the first time.

Greens back 1.5-degree warming limit, turning up heat on Labor, Coalition

Greens say Australia must back an aggressive climate policy for the sake of at-risk Pacific nations.

Peter Hannam The Australian Greens have endorsed calls by Pacific Island nations for a climate treaty limited global warming to 1.

Australia faces rising perils from climate change, earthquakes: Munich Re report

Sydney can expect 30 per cent more thunderstorm days as the climate warms up, Munich Re says.

Peter Hannam Sydney faces almost one-third more hailstorm days, Brisbane is at a rising risk of a direct hit from a category-three cyclone, and south-eastern Australia will have to endure three times as many...

China and India will be looking for more than a Turnbull tease on climate change

Can Malcolm Turnbull get his hands free on climate policy?

Peter Hannam Malcolm Turnbull may be subtly repositioning Australia on the world stage when it comes to climate action, but major partners such as China and India will take some convincing he is serious.

Sydney weather: Thunderstorms sweep over southern and northern regions

Large hail that fell on the Central Coast of NSW.

Peter Hannam Powerful thunderstorms that swept across Sydney on Friday have now passed, although regions to the north such as the Hunter can expect more storm activity, the Bureau of Meteorology said.

Water spat at Werris Creek coal mine fans farmers' fears about Shenhua super pit

Whitehaven says drought - not its Werris Creek coal mine - is to blame for a drop in water levels in nearby bores.

Peter Hannam Finding that Werris Creek coal mine is partly to blame farmers' bores drying up prompts review by water regulator.

University of NSW Scorcher website keeping track of heatwaves in Australia

How to tell if you're in the middle of heatwave.

Peter Hannam Don't let a couple of coolish wet days fool you. Heatwaves are becoming more intense, more frequent and lasting longer.

System with 'tonnes of moisture' brings big wet to Sydney, cricket

Western NSW recorded big falls and many lightning strikes as a storm  front moved through on Wednesday.

Peter Hannam The huge storm front that generated flashfloods and at least one tornado over inland Australia in recent days will bring a day of rain for eastern Sydney and threatens to disrupt play in the first...

Paris 2015: Australian corporate giants sign up for action on climate

Origin Energy is one of 13 large companies to sign up to long-term climate goals.

Peter Hannam More than a dozen of Australia's largest companies including BHP Billiton, Westpac and Origin Energy, have pledged to take long-term action on climate change.

'The Blob' warm pool in the Pacific may prolong life of monster El Nino

This year's big El Nino may linger longer than expected.

Peter Hannam The powerful "Great Godzilla" El Nino in the Pacific may last as much as two months longer than expected because of another unusual climate phenomenon scientists have knick-named "The Blob".

CSIRO survey: Most Coalition voters reject humans to blame for climate change

Whatever respondents think about climate change, most favour more spending on renewable energy.

Peter Hannam Barely one in four Coalition voters accepts climate change is mostly caused by humans, according to a CSIRO survey.

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Abrupt changes in food chains predicted as Southern Ocean acidifies fast: study

A healthy pteropod - fewer of these likely if emissions trends continue.

Peter Hannam The Southern Ocean is acidifying at such a rate because of rising carbon dioxide emissions that large regions may be inhospitable for key organisms in the food chain to survive as soon as 2030, new...

October blew away heat records for any month of any year: Bureau of Meteorology

Australia was almost 3 degrees warmer than usual for October, the biggest deviation from the norm on record.

Peter Hannam The red-hot start to October barely let up, setting Australia up for its most abnormally warm month in records going back to 1910, the Bureau of Meteorology said.

Arabian Sea Cyclone Chapala heads towards Yemen

Satellite view of Cyclone Chapala.

Peter Hannam Cyclone Chapala, a rare tropical storm in the Arabian Sea, continues to barrel towards the coast of Yemen after devastating an island chain known for its rare plants including dragon's blood trees.

CSIRO team's study erodes credibility of key soil carbon model

Soil loss is also a loss of carbon, researchers find.

Peter Hannam Australia's method of measuring how much carbon is being stored in its soil is flawed, undermining the credibility of government programs to pay farmers to sequester it, a new study by CSIRO...