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Tom Arup is the environment editor for The Age.

Fall in China's coal use here to stay, leading expert says

Tom Arup The historic fall in China's coal use is a clear and consistent trend and should be factored in by Australian business, one of the world's leading experts on China's environment policy says.

Greenhouse emissions targets: India commits before Paris but world falling short

Global goals: A stage performance at the Delhi Action 2015 Global mobilisation event in September.

Tom Arup, Environment Editor The last big countries to reveal their greenhouse gas emissions targets ahead of global talks in Paris have informed the United Nations of their intentions, however the collective commitments still...

Earth home to 3 trillion trees, but billions are disappearing every year

Forest being cleared on Padang Island, Indonesia in 2014.

Tom Arup New research estimates there are 3 trillion trees on Earth, significantly more than previously thought, but humans are removing 15 billion a year.

Australia does not have plans in place to meet 2030 climate goal, assessment finds

Report says the government's moves to axe the carbon price and scale-back the renewable energy target had made the 2030 goal significantly harder to achieve.

Tom Arup Australia is behind other industrialised countries in having policies that can meet its promised target to cut greenhouse gases for 2030, a new assessment has found.

Transcript: Interview with Naomi Klein, author of This Changes Everything

Social activist Naomi Klein will appear at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, speaking about her work on climate change and capitalism.

Tom Arup This is a partial transcript of Fairfax Media's interview with Naomi Klein, global social activist and author of No Logo, The Shock Doctrine and This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate.

Dangerous or safe? Naomi Klein to talk climate and capitalism in Australia

Tom Arup Naomi Klein sounds slightly bemused that her ideas on capitalism and climate change are considered dangerous.

Some global 'head scratching' on Australia's climate stance: Al Gore

Former American vice-president Al Gore.

Tom Arup There is some international "head scratching" over Australia's national position on climate chang says former United States Vice President Al Gore, who has used his short visit to Melbourne to paint...

Renewable energy expense attacked as Australia gifts $41 billion to fossil fuels

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten speaks at a press conference during a visit to Vestas Wind Systems earlier this month.

Tom Arup Having been depicted as a "carbon tax zombie" by News Corp earlier this month, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten set out to try to prove he's not a dead man walking with a big commitment to renewable...

Australia's Pacific neighbours facing unaffordable climate change bill study funds

Tom Arup Australia's small island neighbours in the South Pacific are facing an enormous bill to protect their buildings and infrastructure from the impacts of climate change and extreme weather,...

China's climate plan: how ambitious and what does it mean for Australia?

China has announced to the UN its plans to tackle carbon dioxide emissions from 2020

Tom Arup After a few false dawns China has submitted its plans for tackling climate change from 2020 to the United Nations climate negotiations. What does it mean?

Watching brief: Australia in the climate change spotlight ahead of Paris summit

French ambassador Christophe Lecourtier and German ambassador Christoph Müller at the launch of

Tom Arup and Adam Morton 2nd Degree: Australia's next move on climate change is being keenly awaited by everyone from the superpowers to tiny island nations.

Saving the planet will make us healthier, major medical assessment finds

Nobel laureate Peter Doherty will speak at the Australian launch of <i>The Lancet</i>'s special report how climate change threatens human health.

Tom Arup The best things we can do to improve humans' health turn out to be the same things we must do to address global warming.

Call for Port of Melbourne lease to help fund protection of Victoria's coast

Victorian Coastal Council chairman Jon Hickman wants 10 per cent of the port lease payments put aside in a special fund to pay for measures to protect coastal infrastructure.

Tom Arup The outgoing head of the Victorian Coastal Council, Jon Hickman, warns increases in population and rising sea levels will put huge financial pressure on governments to protect the Victorian coast.

Looking for the fingerprints of climate changes on today's extreme weather

Climate scientist Professor David Karoly is part of a global network trying to find the fingerprints of climate change on extreme weather.

Tom Arup A heatwave strikes the city. Temperatures rise well over 40 degrees for several consecutive days. Is this climate change?

How dirty is your bank? Big four lending big to fossil fuels

Campaigns urging universities to divest shares in fossil fuel companies are growing.

Tom Arup The big four banks have lent more than $36 billion to fossil fuel projects and companies in Australia over the past seven years, on average six times more than they have tipped into renewable energy,...

New climate pledges only buy eight more months before climate tipping point

The International Energy Agency has warned the world is on track to breach a key climate change temperature threshold.

Tom Arup Current global pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions has delayed by just eight months the moment when the world is expected to breach a threshold that keeps global warming at safer levels, the...

Good news for the planet: China's greenhouse gases to peak sooner than promised

China's adoption of a new economic strategy will likely see its emissions peak five years earlier than it has pledged.

Tom Arup In a boost to the chances of stopping global warming at safer levels, China's greenhouse gas emissions - the world's largest - are set to peak five years earlier than it has initially pledged, a new...

US meteorological body finds global warming 'slow down' did not happen

A new analysis by the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration suggests a recent hiatus in global warming has not occurred.

Tom Arup, Environment Editor A much discussed "slow down" in global warming did not actually happen and the heating-up of the planet has instead continued apace since the turn of the century, a new assessment by the United...

Don't burden future generations by leaving emissions cuts to them: Garnaut

Professor Ross Garnaut says Australia must not leave the burden of deep emissions cuts to future generations.

Tom Arup, Environment Editor The former climate adviser to two Labor governments, Professor Ross Garnaut, says Australia should ensure the heaviest burden of cutting greenhouse gases is not pushed onto future generations, and...

Will the Great Barrier Reef be declared endangered by the United Nations?

Climate change still poses the biggest risk to the Great Barrier Reef.

Tom Arup and Lisa Cox Early on Saturday morning we get the biggest clue yet to whether the Great Barrier Reef will be deemed a world heritage site "in danger".