Global Warming

Australia's record hot year much more likely because of global warming: report

Peter Hannam Global warming caused by humans "vastly increased the odds" of Australia's record hot year in 2013, according to Australian research cited in the World Meteorological Organisation's annual Status of...

Global warming melts edge of Greenland icesheet

Greenland's ice sheet is melting.

The last edge of the Greenland ice sheet that had resisted global warming has now become unstable, adding billions of tonnes of meltwater to rising seas, scientists say.

China's fair share to halt global warming won't come cheap, Beijing report says

China must increase spending on emission cuts and clean technologies by 2 trillion yuan ($A373 billion) to do its fair share to halt climate change, a report by Beijing's Central University of...

Volcanoes contributing to hiatus in global warming: study

Small volcanic eruptions help explain a hiatus in global warming this century by dimming sunlight and offsetting a rise in emissions of heat-trapping gases to record highs, a new study says.

Australia to face stronger El Nino weather patterns from global warming

El Nino

Peter Hannam Australia will face fiercer El Nino weather patterns - causing severe drought - as a result of human-induced global warming, world-first research led by Sydney scientists has shown.

When it comes to global warming, no country is an island

COOMA, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 08:  A fire danger sign on the Hume Highway outside of Marulan indicates a 'Catastrophic' fire warning on January 8, 2013 in Marulan, Australia. NSW was declared a total fire ban with the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Southern Ranges regions placed on 'Catastrophic' alert.  (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Peter Hannam When Peter Smith, NSW's former chief climate scientist, recently briefed leaders in the Seychelles about how the Indian Ocean island nation should prepare for climate change, he began by explaining...

Climate pioneers see little chance of avoiding dangerous global warming

The only three living diplomats who have led the United Nations global warming talks said there's little chance the next climate treaty will prevent the world from overheating.

End this 'climate madness', Philippines tells global warming summit

Typhoon Haiyan.

Peter Hannam The Philippines has made an impassioned plea to nations to act on climate change and prevent super typhoons such as Haiyan, which has devastated much of the country, from becoming 'a way of life'.

Global warming likely to 'energise' El Nino effect, research shows

NEWS-NCH  Firefighters along Pacific Highway Catherine Hill Bay.

Peter Hannam Australia may face more intense and frequent bouts of extreme weather in the future as global warming "energises" the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO), the dominant climate system over the...

Wilderness Society plans legal fight over fossil fuels in shift to tackling global warming


Jill Stark Australia's biggest environmental group will launch a major legal fight against the fossil fuel industry as it shifts focus to climate change for the first time in its 37-year history.

Global warming pause caused by La Nina

A generic heat wave photo of a man walking silouetted by the setting sun in Darwin.

Peter Hannam A cooling in the Pacific Ocean over the past decade has been the main cause, research says.

Global warming 'hiatus' seen as temporary, leaked IPCC report argues

globe generic

A "hiatus" in global warming so far this century is partly caused by natural variations in a chaotic climate and is unlikely to last, a draft United Nations report by leading climate scientists says.

Global warming hasn't stopped; the climate is heating up

Sophie Lewis The latest climate change denial claim before the release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment report on Friday is global warming stopped in 1998.


Heat is on as costs of tackling global warming set to soar

Climate change and asylum seekers reflect a big structural shift of our time: globalisation and environmental sustainability.

Ben Cubby The effects of global warming on Australia are well documented. Some are already being seen.

Nation's economy to be hard hit in global warming struggle

Ben Cubby dinkus

Ben Cubby The effects of global warming on Australia are well documented, and some are already being seen in the form of dry winters, unusual summer heat and early spring bushfires.

Debunking the persistent myth that global warming stopped in 1998


Sophie Lewis The latest climate change denial claim ahead of the release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment report is that global warming stopped in 1998.

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Cause for optimism on global warming

Carbon emissions

Ben Cubby THE carbon price puts Australia, the world's 15th-biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, in the middle of the international pack when it comes to dealing with global warming, a major new report by the...

Global warming evidence strengthens, UN official says


Evidence that global warming is man-made is getting stronger, the head of a UN panel of climate scientists said, in a further blow to sceptics who argue rising temperatures can be explained by...

Slowing global warming no cause for complacency

Drought, sun generic.

Gerard Wynn The latest forecasts from a foremost climate research institute that global warming has slowed present a new challenge to policymakers on how to inject urgency into the campaign to cut emissions of...

Black soot impact on global warming worse than thought: study

A polar bear cools off at the zoo in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Black carbon, the soot produced by burning fossil fuels and biomass, is a more potent atmospheric pollutant than previously thought, according to a four-year international study.