US hurricane 'luck' may ran out this year: researchers

Hurricane Sandy hits the east coast of the US.

An above-average number of storms will emerge from the Atlantic this hurricane season, and the odds of the US being hit by a major system are about 70 per cent greater than predicted last year,...

US facing active hurricane season

 Tropical Storm Karl as it comes ashore on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

Warm Atlantic waters and favorable wind patterns may produce 13 to 20 named storms this year for the fourth above-average hurricane season in a row, the US National Oceanic & Atmospheric...

UK braces for St Jude, a hurricane-force storm packing winds up to 130km/h

Waves crash onto the cliffs surrounding Porthleven, Cornwall

Cassandra Vinograd As winds pick up, Britain is preparing for a major storm - dubbed St Jude officially and Stormageddon on social networks - to cause havoc.

Hurricane Isaac heads for New Orleans

Tropical Storm Isaac

Isaac has turned into a full-blown Category 1 hurricane as it rolls toward the US Gulf Coast.

Hurricane Sandy strikes US coast

Residents test the high surf in in Ocean City, Maryland as Hurricane Sandy intensifies.

Devastating storm affects millions as it bears down onthe US east coast.

Hurricane forces 2.3m to flee

Hurricane Irene approaching the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Michael Biesecker, Jennifer Peltz Hurricane Irene battered the North Carolina coast yesterday, wreaking havoc as it began a potentially catastrophic run up the US East Coast.

Hurricane Irene brings rain, heavy seas to US coast

Hurricane Irene

Tropical storm-force winds from Hurricane Irene lashing the US east coast with rain have the potential to cause billions of dollars in damage along a densely populated arc, that includes Washington,...

Hurricane Irene

This NASA/NOAA GOES Project image released on August 26, 2011 shows Hurricane Irene moving up the east coast of the US at 1702 UTC. Millions of people are bracing for the hurricane, a massive storm officials fear will cause widespread flooding and dangerous conditions up the seaboard. Officials from North Carolina to New York declared states of emergency as tens of thousands of the most vulnerable residents were ordered to higher ground as Irene raced toward the US mainland.  = RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT

Hurricane Irene barrels towards the US

A satellite image of hurricane Irene, taken on Wednesday.

Major hurricane Irene has intensified into a powerful category three storm as it tears through the Bahamas on its path towards the United States.

Year's strongest storm, super typhoon Vongfong, forecast to hit Japan

Fearsome sight: An enhanced image of Typhoon Vongfong.

As Japan recovers from Typhoon Phanfone, in comes Super Typhoon Vongfong - the most intense storm on earth this year.

Al Gore gives Melbourne a taste of Climate Reality

Al Gore speaks at a training session program for green evangelists in Melbourne.

Konrad Marshall When the delirious woots and whistles finally died down, former US vice-president and now climate change rock star Al Gore stood with remote in hand, slideshow at the ready.

US joins Australia in cutting odds of El Nino in 2014

Pacific conditions are being watched closely.

Brian K. Sullivan The odds of an El Nino forming in the equatorial Pacific have fallen to about 65 per cent through the end of the year, the US Climate Prediction Centre said.

'Pushed back to the Stone Age': massive solar storm missed Earth by just one week

The solar storm was the most powerful detected in more than 150 years.

Peter Hannam Modern civilisation came within a week of being “pushed back to the Stone Age” after eruptions in the sun two years ago sent massive clouds of magnetised plasma through the Earth’s...

Pacific warming doesn't meet El Nino threshold yet, US says

The most recent El Nino (2009-10).

A weather-changing El Nino has yet to develop in the Pacific Ocean, according to government forecasters are who maintaining a "watch" initiated in March.

Climate change poses risks for insurance industry, Robert Shiller says

Robert J Shiller The most important point in the third US National Climate Assessment report has largely been lost in the crowd.

Bipartisan US climate report paints dark picture of future economic costs

Seaside Heights not high enough, after Hurricane Sandy hit north-eastern US in late 2012.

Don Lee Billions of dollars of property damage along the US Eastern Seaboard. Sharply reduced yields of corn, wheat and soy at Midwestern farms.

US senator takes on Republican climate change deniers

The youngest US senator plans to take on Republicans who view climate change as a 'hoax'.

El Nino may arrive as early as mid year, US climate centre says

NCH NEWS- Farmer Ant Martin  on his property at Cassilis  - Drought is setting in and Ant is feeding his sheep Fava Beans to keep them alive as there is no feed left in the paddocks on his property-   --    5th Feb  2014  photo by Peter Stoop

The much-feared El Nino phenomenon, the warming of sea surface temperatures in the Pacific which can trigger drought in Southeast Asia and Australia and floods in South America, could strike as early...

Taming hurricanes

Victoria Bekiempis Stanford engineer proposes using off-shore wind farms to tame hurricanes by capturing their energy.

Climate change: Race against time that no-one wants to win


Peter Hannam When Dan Arvizu joined the New York commission formed in the wake of hurricane Sandy, the energy expert studied recommendations made after a destructive storm a decade earlier - all of which had been...