Mallee birds extinct in 20 years: government policy to blame

John Elder The Victorian government stands accused of all but guaranteeing the extinction of threatened mallee birds as a consequence of its bushfire prevention policy.

Scientists discover why birds fly in a V


Birds of a feather may flock together, but why they fly together in V formations has never been known for certain.

Pesticide blamed for deaths of hundreds of wild birds

Dubbo birds

Peter Hannam A chemical used to control insects and non-native pest birds is likely to blame for the deaths of hundreds of wild birds near Dubbo in the state's central west, the NSW Environment Protection...

Thief wings it away with birds in Christmas Day heist


Megan Levy A thief has carried out a Christmas Day heist at a popular Sydney wildlife park, escaping with 10 birds including a pair of blue and yellow macaws worth $12,000.

No flight of fancy for these birds

An injured sooty tern

Zoe Ferguson THEY are not normally seen on land but the recent wild weather has played havoc with the routine of the sooty tern.

Kentucky town under attack from 'The Birds'

The birds

A warming planet is blamed as millions of birds descended on a Kentucky town in a real-life version of Alfred Hitchcock's horror film, "The Birds."

Dead birds 'not just a freak event'

Mutton birds

Deborah Gough Muttonbirds are dying in their thousands nearly every year and much more frequently than ever before, washing up on the coast from Coffs Harbour to Tasmania.

Pushy myna birds a major nest pest

Common Myna.

Bridie Smith Research shows the myna bird is proving a major problem for native bird species.

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Jackie French

Birds in their little nests agree

Jackie French One of the good things about being a garden writer is that you can buy 100 daffodil bulbs and tell your husband, ''I need them for work.''

Drunken birds picked up on Darwin streets

When the wet season approaches in Darwin and the mercury starts to climb, locals often turn to drink.

First the rains came, then the birds

Rains have revitalised the great Lake Eyre Basin

Tom Arup Across the great Lake Eyre Basin, an environmental boom is occurring.

An eye for the birds

Gould painting of parrot

Anson Cameron Gould's Birds of Australia is about far more than ornithology; it was and is a revelation, writes Anson Cameron.

People and birds ferried to safety

Saffron Howden IT TOOK emergency service volunteers two hours, two boats and multiple trips to save 250 lives on Wagga Wagga's flooded western outskirts.

Thousands of birds make fatal crash landing in Wal-Mart car park

Thousands of migratory birds died on impact after apparently mistaking a Wal-Mart car park in the US and other areas of southern Utah for bodies of water and plummeting to the ground in what one...

NZ oil spill threatens endangered birds: opposition

Two of New Zealand's most endangered bird species are threatened by the oil spill from the container ship Rena, the opposition Labour Party says.

More birds fall from the sky in US

LOS ANGELES: Scientists still do not know what is causing flocks of birds to drop from the sky in America's south as several hundred more fell dead on to a Louisiana highway.

Early birds to catch the comet

An image taken by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) shows comet Lovejoy heading back from its journey to the sun.

Jane Lee Australians will have to wake up early if they want to catch a final glimpse of a comet over the next few days.

Mistletoe gives woodland birds the kiss of life


Deborah Smith It will appear on gift tags, on wrapping paper, on door frames and, Justin Bieber hopes, as a present under the Christmas tree.

Early birds catching the warm as new season shakes off winter's chill

Jennie Curtin Centennial Park changes to summer opening hours on September 1 and the crowds pour in.

Blood and feathers: Sydney's angry birds take their toll


Stephanie Gardiner and Glenda Kwek Sydney is in the midst of a real-life game of angry birds - and these creatures have cyclists, runners and even small children in their sights.

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