Encroaching desert stokes religious tensions in Nigeria

The Sahara is moving south at 15 km a year, increasing the struggle for scarse land betweenn Christian and Muslim farmers in Nigeria.

Toll of forest, grassland destruction continues to climb: FAO

Asia-Pacific nations are failing to halt the loss of natural forests and grasslands, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says, robbing people of their livelihoods and worsening...

Climate talks in Warsaw deadlocked despite extension

Diplomats will seek condemnation at the United Nations General Assembly.

Almost 200 nations remain deadlocked over how to step up aid to ease the impact of global warming on developing nations as part of the foundations of an elusive U.N. climate accord due in 2015.

Climate talks limp towards Paris pact

Stress   980928  Picture by Craig Abraham  Sunday Life   Picture shows a hand squeezing a stress ball shaped like a globe of the world.

Almost 200 countries kept alive hopes for a global deal in 2015 to fight climate change after overcoming disputes on greenhouse gas emissions cuts and aid for poor nations at a meeting widely...

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Sea levels rising faster than UN projections: study


Sea levels are rising 60 per cent faster than UN projections, threatening low-lying areas from Miami to the Maldives, a study said on Wednesday.

Experts debate 'peak farmland'


While some experts think the amount of land needed to grow crops worldwide is at a peak but other analysts aren't so sure.

Rich, poor nations deadlocked over climate change aid

Five degrees hotter... our climate in 90 years. 
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Rich and poor were deadlocked over how to raise aid to help developing countries cope with the damaging effects of global warming, in a setback at United Nations climate talks in Warsaw seeking...

Like lemmings, creatures great and small at risk from climate change

Climate generic

Climate change is a threat to everything from coffee plantations to Arctic foxes and even a moderate rise in world temperatures will be damaging for plants and animals in some regions, experts said...

Majority report: why consensus is all the rage

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Michael Bachelard Do the media ignore the scientific uncertainty about climate change? The 'Climate Agenda' series continues as Michael Bachelard reports.

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Sceptics' case melts more

Ice cubes

Gerard Wynn A clutch of recent studies reinforces evidence people are causing climate change. Time for debate to move on.