Earth Hour

Reef's fragile future the focus of Earth Hour 2014

Peter Hannam Thousands of Sydneysiders will take part in the Earth Hour on Saturday evening, an event organisers hope will kick off a year-round campaign against climate change.

Earth hour: Sydney switches off for climate change campaign

The central business district of Sydney skyline is seen plunged into darkness for the Earth Hour environmental campaign,

Sydney was one of 7000 cities around the world plunged into darkness as lights were switched off for Earth Hour on Saturday night.

Sydney turns off for Earth Hour

The sails of the Sydney Opera House are lit green as part of the Earth Hour

Authorities have recorded an estimated 3 per cent drop in energy use in Sydney's central business district during Earth Hour.

Earth Hour 2011

Photos from around the country.

Darkness lights up Twittersphere as Earth Hour goes viral

Debra Jopson The lights went out around the globe like a Mexican wave in a football stadium at the weekend, as successive settlements observed Earth Hour.

Lights dim on world landmarks for Earth Hour 2012

earth hour

Hundreds of landmarks from Berlin's Brandenburg Gate to the Great Wall of China went dark on Saturday night as part of a global effort to highlight climate change.

The big flick - Earth Hour

It's back - and bigger than ever. Tim Elliott reports on a global idea that was born in Sydney.

Canberra convert Anna Rose wins Australian Geographic conservationist of the year award

For Earth's sake: Anna Rose has been named  Australian Geographic Conservationist of the Year.

Henry Belot A Canberra convert famous for staring down climate sceptic Nick Minchin on television and founding Earth Hour and the Australian Youth Climate Council has been awarded the Australian Geographic...

Great Barrier Reef faced with irreversible damage


Peter Hannam The Great Barrier Reef will be irreversibly damaged by climate change in just 16 years, according to leading reef researcher Ove Hoegh-Guldberg.

Shell shock

GOOD WEEKEND. TURTLES. Swimming with turtles on Lady Elliot Island on the Great Barrier Reef. Picture Paul Harris. Monday 3 March 2014

Tim Elliott The sea turtle, one of the earth's oldest creatures, is facing a battle for survival.

Now is the hour to go renewable

Solar panel installation solar panels

Peter Hannam The lights go off - but Earth Hour organisers are urging participants to make a bigger switch.

Hour of darkness to shed greater light on energy use

(NO CAPTION INFORMATION PROVIDED)Hands hold a globeEarthPlanet

Peter Hannam Convert 60 minutes of near darkness into a permanent shift in household energy use - that's the Australian goal of Earth Hour on Saturday.

The Loaded Dog

Do you switch off or power up?

The Loaded Dog

Earth Hour proved a truly explosive topic when we asked readers if they would join in the anti-global warming campaign.

Switch off to help save the planet


Ben Cubby Earth Hour will take place on March 31, with the aim of attracting more than 1.3 billion people and becoming the biggest environmental event ever.

Shoot for the stars to power the towers

Ben Cubby The national green star rating system for office buildings is having one important side effect - those that are energy efficient are becoming much more valuable than those that are not.

Turn off lights on Saturday

Ben Cubby In a warehouse made from recycled straw, heated by solar panels and cooled by rainwater tanks, Claire Gordon patiently collects second-hand books about saving the world.

Where will you be when lights go out?

Ben Cubby Four days before Earth Hour takes place, the event has already surpassed records for the number of nations and cities taking part.

Kerr to light up Earth's lights-out event

Miranda Kerr

Green is, like, so hot right now, thanks to Australian model Miranda Kerr, who has been named Earth Hour's 'global ambassador'.

Awards for earth days, weeks and years


Paris Cowan The organisers of Earth Hour know it takes more than 60 minutes to reverse the impact of centuries of over-consumption on the environment.

A chance to shine

We had become obsessed with our own small worlds and settled for pragmatic politics, writes David Humphries. But Earth Hour taps into a resurgent desire to tackle global crises.