Fear fish-killing pathogen will spread from Yerrabi Pond to Murrumbidgee River

The Yerrabi Pond in Gungahlin.

John Thistleton Anglers are being advised not to transfer small boats from Yerrabi Pond into other waterways to avoid spreading deadly pathogens that may be responsible for killing large numbers of Murray cod.

Climate-driven migration of tropical fish linked to underwater deforestation

Lucy Cormack Tropical fish are the glimmering jewels in the depths of our oceans, but climate change is forcing their migration and threatening the forests of the sea.

Reef audit finds big fish lost


Andrew Darby The world's first continent-wide survey of reef sea life has found big fish gone around much of the Australian coastline.

Fears NSW amnesty will endanger some species of fish

Nicole Hasham Fish species such as the much-loved blue groper will be at risk if the O'Farrell government permanently allows recreational fishing in sensitive marine areas, a former government scientist has warned.

NSW government divided over allowing anglers to fish in marine parks


Peter Hannam The O'Farrell government remains divided over to whether to make permanent a so-called amnesty allowing anglers to fish in marine parks, delaying a decision possibly until after the elections next...

Fish stocks improve, but some species struggle

Andrew Darby Australian fishers are edging closer to sustainability, but a handful of wild stocks are still being damaged, according to a federal government report.

Beached as: fish out of water on the coast

Beached fish at South Durras.

John Thistleton Hundreds of bait fish have washed ashore mysteriously on the main beach at South Durras.

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Little fish in a big pond save power - and the planet


Julie Power EVEN as a kid taking a dip in a friend's swimming pool, Derek Spielman would think about how it would be much better if it was full of turtles.

Out of the blue, our friendliest fish

Eastern Blue Groper.

Marika Dobbin Giant friendly fish that can live for 70 years but were almost wiped out of Victorian waters have established a school in East Gippsland.

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Shrinking fish at risk of being wiped out


AS FISH get smaller under man's environmental impact they will become more prone to predators and a crucial food source will become more endangered than thought obvious, warn scientists.

Ocean heatwave scorched fish, coral reefs: report

Ningaloo Marine Park.

A marine heatwave off Western Australia that killed fish and bleached coral was driven by unusual features in a warm ocean current, new research shows.

State to snub federal backing over fish farm

Port Stephens Great Lakes Marine Park

Nicole Hasham The state government is refusing to seek federal approval for a controversial fish farm proposal off the mid-north coast, despite fears it will affect threatened sharks.

Where have all the fish gone?

Jack mackerel

Australia leads the way in trying to protect the world's fish population. But depleting stocks of jack mackerel point to a wider global calamity.

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Bigger fish to fry in trawler ban

A school of fish

The two-year ban imposed this week on the freshly renamed super trawler Abel Tasman had been brewing for months.

Fish authority admits it broke the rules

Abel Tasman

It was wrong to allow the director of a super trawler operator to participate in fishing quota deliberations despite a declared conflict of interest, the Commonwealth ombudsman says.

Seven-tonne fish pulled from water

Whale shark netted in Pakistan.

Georgia Wilkins A 10-metre long whale shark has been pulled from the water off Karachi, Pakistan, with plans to put the giant on display.

Fish fight: Pakistani man faces battle over monster whale shark


Qasim Khan has waged the unlikeliest of battles with Pakistani authorities over the right to charge hundreds of curious visitors 20 rupees (18.

Push for tighter controls as prized fish under threat of extinction

Blue Warehou

Andrew Darby A ONCE-PRIZED table fish is being considered for the threatened species list, in a further challenge to fisheries managers.

Fish likely to shrink as planet warms: study


Fish are likely to get smaller on average by 2050 because global warming will cut the amount of oxygen in the oceans in a shift that may also mean dwindling catches, according to a study on Sunday.