Fight breaks out in queue to pat koalas

A wildlife park visitor has been accused of assaulting another man and threatening him with a knife after complaining that it was his turn to pat the koalas.

Expert quits over road threat to Wardell koalas

Kirsty Needham A koala expert has quit after a NSW government backflip resulted in ecologists being phoned as they were surveying for koalas in the bush near Wardell on the north coast and told to stop.

Koalas' conservation status downgraded


Tony Moore Fauna experts have recommended the conservation status of the koala in Queensland be downgraded and broadened to "vulnerable" throughout the state.

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Focus on dogs in fight to save koalas

The Koala Hospital at Port Macquarie

Nina Karnikowski Dog training is the latest desperate measure in the battle to protect Australia's endangered koalas, with estimates putting numbers in the wild below 50,000.

Reduce speed limits to save koalas: report

Speed limits should be lowered, wild dog controls tightened and research funding boosted to stop the decline of koala numbers, a Senate committee has recommended.

List koalas as endangered species: Greens

The seemingly lazy ways of Australia's koalas need to be preserved under federal laws, the Australian Greens say.

Koalas suffering from logging: inquiry

A Victorian population of koalas is being threatened by logging, a Senate inquiry has heard.

NSW failing to protect koalas: Labor

The NSW government is failing to protect koalas by allowing logging in remaining habitats, the opposition says.

Coffs Harbour koalas lose habitat to red tape

Saffron Howden THE state Environment Department has approved logging of almost 2000 hectares of significant koala habitat contrary to its own guidelines, conservationists say.

Calls for $36m for koalas' conservation

A Senate inquiry has called for a $36million federal funding boost for koala disease research, and new ''koala friendly'' national guidelines for road upgrades and construction.

Macey wows bear pit as MP makes plea for koalas

Josephine Tovey The bear pit went gaga over a visit from a koala today as the opposition called for the animals to be added to the national threatened species list.

Koalas to be listed as threatened amid rapid decline

Winston the koala

Ben Cubby KOALAS are expected to be listed as a threatened species across parts of Australia from Monday, and some environment groups claim the government has excluded the marsupial from protection in certain...

Koalas get some protections from developers


Adam Morton Koalas will be offered greater protection in NSW, Queensland and the ACT, but not Victoria and South Australia under a decision announced today by Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke.

Koalas protected in north, but need 'managing' in south

Canberra: Senator Larissa Waters with Winston the koala outside Parliament House.

Rosslyn Beeby Australia's most "at risk" koala populations will now be protected under national threatened species legislation, federal environment minister Tony Burke announced this morning.

Remove shark nets, introduce mining bans: green groups' wish list for NSW

Koala in NSW

Peter Hannam The Coalition governments under Barry O’Farrell and Mike Baird have “declared war on the environment” since taking office in 2011, according to nine leading green groups in the...

By gum: genetic secrets of eucalyptus tree revealed

Eucalyptus leaves are the main food supply for koalas, but there is a lot more to the tree than that.

Fears proposed land clearing changes put threatened species at risk

yellow bellied glider, Jack.

Nicole Hasham Environmental laws that protect threatened species and limit how farmers clear native bush will be rewritten, prompting fears from conservationists that vulnerable plants and animals are under attack.

Government formula to save threatened animals


Nicole Hasham and Peter Hannam The NSW government is playing God: using an economic rationalist algorithm to decide which threatened animals it will save and which species it will not invest in protecting.

Logging increases but revenue drops


Kirsty Needham The amount of native forest cut down in NSW increased by 36 per cent last year but revenue from native forests fell by $11 million, new figures show.


Another scorching day in Canberra

NEWS: . .Studies have shown that the suburb of Macgregor was up to 7 degrees hotter than certain southside suburbs. Joeleigh Esterhuizen,8 of Macgregor  cools off in the family pool.  14th January 2014.. Photo by MELISSA ADAMS of The Canberra Times.

Canberra has sweated through another scorching day.

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