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Meet Anori: Knut's sister makes a cute first impression on zoo debut

A German zoo has shown off its latest star - the half-sister of world-famous polar bear Knut.

Anori has the same father but a different mother to Knut who collapsed and died from a brain tumour aged just four a year ago.

Unlike Knut, she was not abandoned at birth by her mother but appeared in public with her at Wuppertal Zoo.

Anori was born on January 4 to Knut's dad Lars and his new mate Vilma and has taken little time to lap up the attention from crowds who have flocked to the zoo.

The tiny polar bear frolicked in front of the cameras and although zoo director Ulrich Schurer said; "It went reallly well," he is keen to protect Anori from the media frenzy that consumed Knut.

Anori was one of two cubs born in the litter, but the second one died a week later.


Schurer said: "I hope that the people who will see it, will also remember that polar bears are an endangered species.

"If global warming continues, then there soon won't be any more polar bears because their livelihood will be destroyed."

Knut brought in £6 million for the zoo.