Government places ban on red gum logging

Brian Robins STATE POLITICS Logging of Riverina red gums will stop from the middle of the year, in a pre-election about-face from a state government keen to bolster its environmental credentials.

UN climate proposal paves way for rich-poor discord

Up for grabs.

Alex Morales The United Nations left open the option for rich and poor nations to remain divided in their obligations on climate change, setting up a conflict over exactly who should cut greenhouse gases.

Coastal flooding has surged along US east coast: Reuters study

Extreme events such as superstorm Sandy mask background sea-levels rises in US.

Coastal flooding along the densely populated Eastern Seaboard of the United States has surged in recent years, a Reuters analysis finds.

Victoria weather calms after wild Tuesday


Caroline Zielinski Victorians - thousands still without power - are mopping up after an icy, cyclone-like storm thrashed the state causing transport chaos, mass blackouts and a storm surge that broke the Yarra River's...

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Mild, dry winter tipped to extend into spring, bureau says


Peter Hannam Australia’s relatively mild and dry start to winter looks likely to extend until well into spring, with conditions influenced by unusually warm waters around the country and a Pacific Ocean...

Bipartisan US climate report paints dark picture of future economic costs

Seaside Heights not high enough, after Hurricane Sandy hit north-eastern US in late 2012.

Don Lee Billions of dollars of property damage along the US Eastern Seaboard. Sharply reduced yields of corn, wheat and soy at Midwestern farms.

Snow falls in time for the school holidays

Lucy Cormack School holiday snow bunnies can smile at an impressive dump this weekend, with alpine resorts expecting about 50 centimetres of snow by Sunday's close.

'Curiosity': the cat-killing bait to protect native species

Proponents say curiosity can reduce feral cat numbers by 80 per cent.

Tom Arup and Nicky Phillips A lethal bait called "curiosity" designed to kill feral cats will be the initial focus of a new national commissioner to save threatened species.

Opponents of Santos CSG plans vow to fight on if $2b venture approved

Peter Hannam Opponents of Santos’s Narrabri Gas Project have vowed to continue protesting against the planned $2 billion coal-seam gas field even if the government gives approval as expected for the...

Great Barrier Reef 'facts' TV ads ignore dredge dumping risks

Jon Brodie, James Cook University New “Reef Facts” commercials are currently airing during prime-time television shows in Australia, purporting to tell the “facts” about the environmental health of the Great...

Wintry blast to snap Sydney's run of balmy weather

Wet weather in Newcastle. Picture shows a couple huddle under a umbrella. The breakwall, near Nobbys Beach.
28th January 2013 Newcastle

Peter Hannam A wintry blast is heading Sydney’s way that will knock temperatures 14 degrees below where they were last week, Weatherzone said.

Wintry weekend ahead for Sydney

Brilliant orange leaves change colour in Wentworth St, Blackheath in the Blue Mountains.

Peter Hannam Sydney is set for its coldest weekend since last July, with the Bureau of Meteorology expecting patchy rain on both Saturday and Sunday.

'Catastrophic' decline in numbers of small native animals

The southern brown bandicoot.

Peter Hannam Small native animals are facing “an extraordinary decline” across the northern third of Australia, with the spread of feral cats largely to blame, a leading ecologist said.

Scientist debunks many of the myths about cockroaches in new book

The humble cockroach has more than 500 species.

Clare Colley Cockroaches may be one of the least-loved insects, but of the more than 500 species in Australia only six are pests and most play a valuable role as nature’s recyclers before they wind up as a...

Fourteen new species of dancing frogs discovered - just before they vanish

One of the 14 new species of Indian dancing frogs.

'It was as if nature itself was crying', says the lead scientist who found the tiny Indian acrobatic amphibians.

Dreaded El Nino looms in the Pacific

A lone seagull watching the sun rise over North Cronulla beach.

Peter Hannam Australia remains on course for its first El Nino in five years, a weather event that typically brings a drier-than-average winter and spring to much of southern Australia including NSW and active...

Fire and ice: Melting Antarctic poses risk of volcanic activity, study shows

Antarctic study

Peter Hannam New research on the effects of ice sheet melt in the Antarctic shows climate change is deforming the Earth's crust, potentially prompting volcanic activity that could cause global sea-levels to rise...

Record May warm spell tipped to go for another week

Warm weather. Manly Beach.

Peter Hannam Shoppers who are putting off buying that winter jacket or boots can delay a while longer with forecasters tipping that Sydneysiders are in store for another week of exceptionally mild weather.

Climate change poses risks for insurance industry, Robert Shiller says

Robert J Shiller The most important point in the third US National Climate Assessment report has largely been lost in the crowd.

Obama will let states decide how to cut US greenhouse gas emissions

US President Barack Obama plans to make climate change action a legacy of his time in office.

President Barack Obama is about to unveil the centerpiece of his agenda to fight climate change, a much anticipated rule to slash the emissions of planet-warming gases from US power plants.