Royal Society favours park to protect possums

Tom Arup The state's pre-eminent scientific organisation, the Royal Society of Victoria, has thrown its support behind the push for a new national park on Melbourne's doorstep to protect Leadbeater's possums...

Resourceful possums toast to Australia Day

A brushtail possum enjoys some toast in a Canberra home on Australia Day.

John Thistleton Ah, life in the bush capital on Australia Day.

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'Ridiculously immature and insensitive': man tortures, blows up possums

Calla Wahlquist In one of the worst animal cruelty cases ever seen in Tasmania, a 20-year-old man has pleaded guilty to bashing, stabbing, running over, setting fire to and blowing up five possums.

Possums recover after chainsaw accident


A possum and her joey who survived a round with a chainsaw are expected to make a full recovery at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital on the Gold Coast.

Pestered possums doing it tough


Tom Reilly DEPENDING on your perspective, a possum may be a cute creature or annoying pest. But the marsupials are increasingly becoming victims, with the number of attacks by cats and dogs on the rise.

Orphaned wombat Chloe melts hearts at Taronga Zoo

Chloe being fed by zookeeper Evelyn Weston.

Steve Jacobs Chloe loves to chew on shoes and to hide between the boots of her surrogate mum, zookeeper Evelyn Weston.

Taronga Zoo staffer becomes surrogate dad to wallaby baby

Taronga Zoo education co-ordinator Matt Dea with rescued wallaby joey Alkira.

Steve Jacobs A Taronga Zoo staffer has become surrogate dad to a wallaby joey whose mother was killed by a car near Sydney.

Polly wants a tracker: wing-tags shed light on Sydney's cockatoos

Laurence the cockatoo is a creature of the urban jungle.

Michael Koziol Cockatoos have been tracked around Sydney more than 10,000 times as part of a research project by the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Possum a 'polar bear' of climate change

White lemuroid ringtail possum.

A rare Australian possum is being dubbed the new polar bear of climate change.

Inquiry told of cruelties as greyhound slaughter continues unchecked

Peter Flann from Greyhound Rescue

Natalie O'Brien Thousands of healthy greyhound puppies are disappearing, presumed killed, every year, but their deaths are not reported or investigated by the $144 million greyhound racing industry.

Vets claim live animals used as bait to train greyhounds


Natalie O'Brien The illegal practice of allowing live animals to be killed by greyhounds as part of their racing training is still occurring in NSW, according to evidence that has been given at a parliamentary...

Scientists look to past to save possum's future

Dr Linda Broom holds a handful of Bogong moths , a favourite food of the Mountain Pygmy Possum.

Nicky Phillips Endangered species experts plan to save the mountain pygmy possum from becoming the continent's first climate-change victim.

Roo attacks spark cruelty worries


Alex Boyle Three savage attacks on kangaroos in the space of a fortnight have sparked concerns from animal welfare organisations, who say the severe penalties that could be levied against offenders are not...

VicForests attacked over logging plan

Leadbeater's possum

Tom Arup Victoria's state-owned timber company will reduce logging by 25 per cent in the bushfire-ravaged mountain ash forests of the central highlands -- but will wait until mid-2017 to make the shift.

EPA slammed for failing to protect koala habitats


Natalie O'Brien The NSW Environment Protection Authority has been accused of being ''extremely shoddy, unprofessional and incompetent'' in its oversight of logging in the state's far north.

Bogong moths arrive in Canberra early

Bogong moths

Tom McIlroy Experts are predicting a big year for Canberra's much-maligned bogong moths after an early arrival in 2013

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'The jewel in Sydney's crown'


Glenda Kwek In the second of a three-part series on Sydney's parks, Glenda Kwek uncovers the secrets of Headland Park

Jackie French

Birds in their little nests agree

Jackie French One of the good things about being a garden writer is that you can buy 100 daffodil bulbs and tell your husband, ''I need them for work.''

Carnage on the Wakehurst Parkway: fence plan

Ben Cubby Part of Sydney's Wakehurst Parkway will be fenced off to wildlife, after 98 wallabies were killed on the road this year.

Spring has sprung with new zoo babies

Tam Dao, a two-week-old Francois' leaf monkey, is presented to the media at Taronga zoo in Sydney September 1, 2011.

Spring has sprung quite literally at Taronga Zoo.