Battle to let the rivers run wild

Saffron Howden The health of the Mithaka people fluctuates with the ebb and flow of the rivers through their arid outback country.

Fielding sinks deal on wild rivers

Dan Harrison Indigenous leader Noel Pearson has criticised crossbench senator Steve Fielding after he withdrew support for a proposal that would have circumvented Queensland's controversial ''wild rivers'' laws.

World watching plans to restore health to wetlands and rivers

Ben Cubby Rivers and wetlands will bear the brunt of climate change and governments around the world are failing to manage many of the more vulnerable areas properly, says a series of new papers published...

South prepares as rivers rise to one-in-200 year levels

Reid Sexton RESIDENTS of Horsham, Victoria, faced an agonising wait for the Wimmera River to peak last night, and up to 20 other communities are preparing for the worst floods in 200 years.

Raging torrents turn streets into rivers

Aaron Cook When 75 millimetres of rain was dumped on Toowoomba in less than an hour on Monday afternoon, the city's stormwater system did not stand a chance.

Wild Rivers rangers hook up with Irwin zoo

Rangers working in Queensland's Wild Rivers regions will receive mentoring and training from Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo.

Abbott moves on Wild Rivers laws

Federal opposition leader Tony Abbott

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has moved to have Federal Parliament overturn Queensland's Wild Rivers laws on Steve Irwin Day.

Flood our land: graziers offer to help rivers' health

Murray Darling Basin

David Wroe Floodplain graziers are offering the government a Christmas present in the form of a legal right to flood their properties, a gesture that could help solve the intractable dispute over the...

Continent faces cost as rivers run dry

Romanians load a cart with sand from the Danube river bed exposed by the extreme low water levels following a long period of drought in Calarasi, southern Romania.

Jonathan Tirone, Misha Savic Germany's driest November has shrunk Europe's rivers, creating month-long delays for oil and ore-carrying barges and uncovering the continent's deadly past.

King tide surge pushes into flooded northern rivers

Residents of the Tweed Heritage caravan Park in Chinderah.

Saffron Howden, Melissa Davey North coast residents were preparing for a sleepless wait last night as the threat of swollen rivers, further rain and a king tide followed a day of mass evacuations.

Green group challenges Newman on rivers

Conservationists unhappy at LNP leader Campbell Newman's opposition to Wild Rivers laws have put up a billboard near the seat he must win if he is to become Queensland premier.

Anxious wait for northern towns as heavens overload rivers


Saffron Howden Persistent rainfall has sliced the town of Bellingen in half, dumped almost 340 millimetres over the region in just two days, and promises an anxious week for residents and holidaymakers on the north...

Rivers burst, towns flood in northern NSW

Rivers bloated by heavy rain are flooding communities on NSW's mid north coast.

All the rivers run, but farmers still want water cutbacks

Debra Jopson Regional Affairs HEAVY floods and rain have masked the poor condition of the Murray-Darling Basin's wetlands, an environmentalist farmers' group says.

Towns cut off as swollen rivers keep rising

Josephine Tovey GRAFTON TOWNS in NSW have so far been spared the pain overwhelming Queensland, but thousands of residents have been stranded as rivers have risen and floods have cut off towns around Tenterfield and Grafton.

Bligh adds eight rivers to ban list

Kym Agius Another eight rivers in Cape York Peninsula would be declared protected Wild Rivers under a re-elected Labor government.

Rivers plan labelled a farce, with vital details missing


David Wroe CRITICS from both sides of the controversial draft plan to save the Murray-Darling Basin are branding the 20-week public consultation a farce because important pieces of information needed to...

Big wet to continue with rivers on flood watch


Stephanie Gardiner After a night of wet weather woes around Sydney - including several flood rescues - the city is set to be hit by more heavy rain today, with some rivers on flood watch.

Rural leaders fight to save their communities as well as rivers

Debra Jopson About 130 rural representatives from three states have formed a new coalition aimed at convincing the federal government that the Murray Darling Basin Plan must save towns as well as the rivers.

Redgum skeletons eulogise dying rivers

Debra Jopson, REGIONAL AFFAIRS For centuries, they lined the banks of the little-known but memorably named Wee Wee Creek near the Victorian-NSW border.