Nuclear Fallout

In the belly of the Beast, a 24-hour stretch of torture

The force of the water was terrifying. And then the ferocity of the river unfolded like one of those dreams you know you're having but can't escape, writes Frank Robson.

Rush hour approaches crush hour in a city where the only way is out

Ben Doherty, TOKYO As radiation warnings escalate, food and water runs short, and rumours sweep Tokyo of another big earthquake being imminent, the international airport has become the city's next refuge.

Exposure may lead to increased risk of cancer

RADIATION exposure from the environment or the food chain can increase the risk of cancer, experts say, but any such effect from the failure of the nuclear power stations in Japan may not be observed...

Scientists at odds over life signs in disaster zone

Sanjida O'Connell ''WE WALKED out into a wasteland, grey and desolate. The buildings had deteriorated, windows had been smashed. Trees and weeds had grown over everything: it was a ghost town.