Toxic Waste

French reject Orica's toxic waste

Natalie O'Brien Environmentalists across the world have applauded a decision by the French government to veto plans by chemical giant Orica to ship more than 100 tonnes of highly toxic waste from Sydney to France...

Tour de France protest planned over Orica's export of toxic waste

SESTOLA, ITALY - MAY 18:  Pieter Weening of the Netherlands and Orica-GreenEDGE celebrates crossing the line to win the ninth stage of the 2014 Giro d'Italia, a 172km medium mountain stage between Lugo and Sestola on May 18, 2014 in Sestola, Italy.  (Photo by Harry Engels - Velo/Getty Images)

Natalie O'Brien Chemicals company Orica has applied to start shipping 15,000 tonnes of toxic waste from Sydney to France.

Tyre industry divided over how to handle toxic waste


Peter Hannam A federal government plan to tackle tyre waste has gained only lukewarm support from some big retailers and environmental groups.

Orica toxic waste export stopped

Greenpeace environmental activists climb on to containers and use paint to protest at the Orica site at Port Botany.

The Danish government has postponed a plan to accept a shipment of Australian toxic waste for disposal, following pressure from the centre-left opposition.

Compensation not enough, say victims of toxic waste

Damien McElroy and Mike Pflanz in Nairobi, Kenya VICTIMS of alleged contamination from a toxic waste dump in Ivory Coast have called on Trafigura, one of world's largest oil traders, to ensure a full clean-up of a polluted site after it settles a...

Government covered up toxic waste plans

Alexandra Smith The state government deliberately delayed briefing Penrith City Council on plans to dump 5000 tonnes of toxic soil in western Sydney until after it had signed a contract with the waste company,...

Santos coal seam gas project contaminating aquifer in use after two years

Farmers Ted and Julia Borowski

Nicole Hasham A leaking pond that contaminated an aquifer with uranium at levels 20 times safe drinking guidelines is still being used, despite coal seam gas operator Santos knowing it was faulty more than two...

Leaking toxic sludge report kept quiet by chemical giant


Natalie O'Brien Chemical giant Orica has tried to keep secret a potentially damaging report into whether the dangerous metal mercury might have been leaking off site from its former chlor-alkali plant, which...

Tyre fire firm Carbon Polymers facing investigations and closing site

Eco Drive Tyres at Station Rd.

Peter Hannam Four weeks after a fire almost gutted a tyre dump in Sydney's west, the company part-owned by accused murderer Ron Medich faces expulsion from the site and investigations from the authorities.

Global hazardous waste ban advances

More than 170 countries have agreed to accelerate adoption of a global ban on the export of hazardous wastes, including old electronics, to developing countries.

The reactor that saves itself: safe nuclear does exist and China leads the way with thorium


Ambrose Evans-Pritchard A few weeks before the tsunami struck Fukushima's uranium reactors and shattered public faith in nuclear power, China revealed that it was launching a rival technology to build a safer, cleaner, and...

Chevron rejects $8b order by court

QUITO: A court in Ecuador has ordered Chevron to pay more than $US8 billion for environmental damage caused there between 1964 and 1990.

Radioactive waste haunts Hunters Hill residents


Heath Aston For the state government it has been a lingering headache since the 1970s but for people who lived on top of radioactive waste in an exclusive harbourside suburb of Sydney it is a matter of life and...

Uranium plant waste unwelcome in western suburbs


Ben Cubby The state government will face tough local opposition if it intends to take contaminated waste from a radioactive site in Hunters Hill and bury it at Kemps Creek in the city's west.

NSW Premier undecided on radioactive waste

NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell says he doesn't want radioactive waste from a former northern Sydney uranium smelter transported to Kemps Creek in the city's west.

After rain, it all comes out in the wash

Max Halden Purifying stormwater run-off could potentially improve the health of waterways and create a useful resource, writes Max Halden.

Toxic shipment blocked as opposition intensifies

Vanda Carson A CONSIGNMENT of toxic waste to be shipped from Port Botany has been ''postponed'', the Danish Environment Minister has announced.

Toxic sludge reaches the Danube

BUDAPEST: Hungary's toxic sludge spill, which has killed four people, reached the Danube yesterday, threatening to contaminate the waterway's entire ecosystem, Hungarian officials said.

Tests show poison dumped in Ivory Coast

David Leigh and Afua Hirsch Details have emerged of potentially lethal toxic waste dumped by British oil traders in one of west Africa's poorest countries.

Exposed: toxic time bomb in city river


Marian Wilkinson and Kate McClymont The toxic chemical made famous by the US environmental activist Erin Brockovich is leaking into the Parramatta River, posing a serious health risk to people and marine life.