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New climate deal seen aiding GDP, lacking sanctions, UN chief says

The United Nation's top official on climate change, Christiana Figueres.

A UN deal to combat global warming due in December will seek to lift world economic growth and be based more on encouragement than threats of punishment for non-compliance, the UN's climate chief Christiana Figueres says.

Two degrees warming a 'prescription for disaster' says former NASA scientist

Wollongong Harbour copped a battering during last month's east coast low.

Peter Hannam   The world faces a climate 'emergency' and aiming to limit global temperatures to two degrees won't stop massive sea-level rises within decades, the former NASA scientist says.

Extreme weather the new normal in Australia's disaster-prone neighbourhood

Matt Wade dinkus Dinkus

Matt Wade   Extreme weather events like the one that devastated Vanuatu on Saturday are on the rise.

Australia throws spanners in the works at Lima talks

Julie Bishop

Marcus Priest   Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop has backed down on her demand that a new global climate change deal should be legally binding, but is now caught up in a new row at United Nations talks in Peru over the way in which Australia's national emission target is calculated.


Australia may not sign up to Paris climate deal: Andrew Robb

Andrew Robb said anything agreed at the talks should not put Australia at a disadvantage.

Marcus Priest   Trade Minister Andrew Robb has told business leaders at climate change negotiations in Lima that Canberra may not sign up to a new global deal if major trade competitors are not pulling their weight, stating Australia will not "get it in the neck".

Julie Bishop denies backdown over Green Climate Fund

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop with Trade Minister Andrew Robb.

Lisa Cox, Marcus Priest   The Abbott government has denied international pressure forced its decision to commit $200 million to a global climate fund it had previously said it could not support.

Stanford University's coal divestment helps students seeking domino effect


Michael McDonald   Stanford University's decision this week to end investments in coal companies may bolster student- led campaigns to stop climate change that have spread to hundreds of U.S. college campuses.

El Nino seen exacerbating drought in south-east Asia

el nino

The most-severe drought in 17 years is threatening supplies of palm oil from Indonesia and Malaysia, the world's biggest producers, and forecasters say an El Nino weather pattern this year may cause even more damage.

Diplomats' third lap of marathon climate talks

EU commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard.

Alex Morales, Ewa Krukowska   ENVOYS from more than 190 nations worked into a third night as United Nations global-warming talks in Doha became bogged down over issues including pledges worth $100 billion.

Rudd backs new climate plan

Australia has thrown its support behind a controversial new climate deal that world leaders have agreed on at the Copenhagen summit.

Climate deal 'good but not perfect', says Flannery

Copenhagen Climate Council chairman Tim Flannery says a draft climate accord reached by world leaders is "good but not perfect", and has described Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's role at the summit as "outstanding".

Climate deal 'unprecedented breakthrough': Obama

Barack Obama

World leaders have finally clinched a climate deal at the end of marathon talks in Copenhagen but admitted it would not halt global warming and campaigners denounced the outcome as an abject failure.

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Climate deal 'meaningful' but not legally binding: Obama

Barack Obama

Adam Morton   Uncertainty has gripped the Copenhagen climate conference after US President Barack Obama unilaterally announced a global climate deal only for it to be immediately rejected by the head of the G77 bloc of developing countries.

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Daniel Flitton

In fact, talks have come a long way

Daniel Flitton   Angry walk-out by African nations? Check. Wild accusations about Australia acting like an ayatollah? Check.

Aviation tax would 'devastate' tourism

Andrew Heasley   Imposing climate change taxes on international air travel, as proposed at the Copenhagen climate summit, would be devastating for Australia's $89 billion tourism industry, the nation's top tourism lobby group has warned.

Australia not happy with draft Copenhagen treaty

Penny Wong.

At last there's a draft climate deal on the table at Copenhagen - but Australia is not happy with it.

Australia not happy with draft Copenhagen treaty

At last there's a draft climate deal on the table at Copenhagen - but Australia is not happy with it.

Australia not happy with draft Copenhagen treaty

Penny Wong

At last there's a draft climate deal on the table at Copenhagen - but Australia is not happy with it.

Australia not happy with draft Copenhagen treaty

Penny Wong

At last there's a draft climate deal on the table at Copenhagen - but Australia is not happy with it.

Climate action just smart energy policy, says US ambassador

Jeff Bleich, Us Ambassador.

Peter Hartcher and Tim Elliott   WHEN Barack Obama's man in Australia talks about cutting carbon emissions, he does not call it climate change policy.

Climate summit chaos: Wong 'disappointed'

Adam Morton, Copenhagen   CLIMATE Change Minister Penny Wong has expressed her disappointment with the UN climate conference after landing in Copenhagen to find a split within the developing nations bloc prompted by a bold stand by the tiny Pacific nation of Tuvalu.


Direct Action: success or not?

The government is claiming vindication, but Australia is still 'miles away from any credible post 2020 emissions goal', says The Climate Institute.

Obama lets loose over climate change

Accompanied by his 'anger translator', President Obama gets heated over climate change at the White House correspondents' dinner.

Will Direct Action work?

Bidding for pollution-reduction funding starts on Wednesday, but the Climate Institute's Erwin Jackson doubts the scheme will achieve its targets.

'Ground zero' for USA climate change

Fairfax correspondent Nick O'Malley visits Miami, a rich, prosperous city which is starting to drown.

Nations agree climate plan

U.N. conference approves building blocks of a Paris Climate Deal in 2015 amid warnings far tougher action will be needed. Paul Chapman reports

'Outrage' at climate stance

Australia's decision not to contribute to a global climate fund has been greeted by outrage and disbelief at an international conference in Peru, according to the Climate Institute.

NASA launches rocket with satellite to track climate change

An unmanned Delta 2 rocket lifts off from California carrying a NASA satellite to measure how much water is in Earth's soil, information that will help track climate change.