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Above average temperatures consign doonas to the cupboard

A few days out from the Anzac Day dividing line used by many, Sydney is deciding whether it's time to get out the doona.

This rain-free Easter long-weekend - the first since 2006 - and a lack of insulating cloud cover has kept overnight temperatures crisp.

Doonas would have been put to good use on Monday morning when temperatures hit 9 degrees in Penrith and 13 in Sydney, but this week's forecast should have them returned to the cupboard.

Maximum temperatures are expected to stay around the mid-20s and minimums around 16, both above the April average.

Meanwhile, global scientific consensus is growing that the world will experience an El Nino climate pattern later this year.

The World Meteorological Organisation said last week two-thirds of all computer climate models it surveyed were predicting that El Nino conditions, which lead to reduced rainfall over eastern Australia, would hit this year.


The Bureau of Meteorology this month raised its estimate of the probability of El Nino settling in this winter from 50 to greater than 70 per cent.

The Buchanan family were hanging on to the last of the Easter long weekend break at South Curl Curl beach on Monday.

As daughter Keiley, 4, and son Connor, 2, frolicked in the rock pools, parents Jonathan and Terry Buchanan were happy to soak up the sunshine by the nearby ocean pool below the sandstone cliffs at the southern end of the beach.

''We are down at the beach as much as we can,'' Terry, from Seaforth, said.

''But the run of wet weather in March stopped us going out for a while. The weather over the past week has been the most enjoyable for a long while.''

with Heath Gilmore