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Chilly start to Melbourne winter days

Melbourne's bracing winter mornings are set to continue through to at least mid-week with some suburbs dipping down to a click over freezing on Monday.

The latest crop of cold mornings began on Friday when Olympic Park recorded an overnight low of 8.4 degrees. By 7am on Monday, riverside joggers and rowers were subjected to a brisk 5.6-degree low.

Coldstream's cold run saw the overnight low at 3.4 degrees on Friday and a frosty 0.1 degrees on Monday.

In Laverton , the temperature dropped to 1.7 degrees at 5.30am, well down on the Friday overnight low of 5.6 degrees.

The coldest place in Victoria overnight was at Mt Hotham which reached minus 3.6 but saw little more than a smattering of snow, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

The coldest town off the mountains was Rutherglen, where the temperature was just minus 1.5 degrees.


Wangaratta had an overnight low of 0.4 degrees, Bendigo 0.1 degrees and Ballarat 3.7 degrees.

Melbourne on Friday and Monday saw the overnight low at 8.5 and 8.6 degrees, respectively, but the temperature hovered in the double digits on the mornings at the weekend.

Senior bureau forecaster Terry Ryan said the cool temperatures overnight would linger until Wednesday.

"It's been fairly low temperatures in the mornings all weekend and that looks set to continue through until Thursday," Mr Ryan said.

The forecast for the city centre on Tuesday morning is a much cooler six degrees overnight and eight degrees on Wednesday morning.

Mr Ryan said the Queen's Birthday holiday would be the pick of the sunnier days this week. More high cloud cover is expected through to mid-week. Showers are expected on Thursday and a chance of showers on Friday.

The coldest morning in the city centre overnight this year was on May 8 when the temperature dropped to 4.3 degrees.