Low-lying fog band divides the capital

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A perfect band of low-lying fog settled across Canberra this morning, dividing the capital in two with what looked like a big strip of fluffy white carpet.

And although it appeared unusual, it's a perfectly normal phenomenon for this time of year.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Mohammed Nabi said this morning's band of mist was a typical fog formation, especially in winter, due to Canberra's low lying location and colder temperatures.

"This picture is typical of fog forming in a valley," he said.

"With a high pressure system centered over the southeastern parts of the continent, this morning, the conditions were perfect for fog formation."

Mr Nabi expained that fog forms because of the varying temperatures and densities in the air.


''The thing about cold air is that it is denser than warm air so it sinks...when the temperature drops the moisture in the air condenses," he said.

Flight delays

Meteorologist Nicholas Bright, also from the Bureau of Meteorology, said visibility at Canberra Airport was poor this morning and this may have caused delays to flights.

"The visibility got down to 100 metres at times," he said.

At least four flights were delayed at Canberra Airport this morning according to online data tracking website Megamon.com, and some were cancelled.

But flights appeared to be back on track after the fog cleared, at around 10am.

The only thing that was slightly out of the ordinary for this morning's fog, was that it formed later than normal.

"Fogs usually form around 2 am or 3 am in the morning, this fog formed not long before sunrise," Mr Bright said.

The outlook for Canberra

Seven day Canberra forecast

The temperature in Canberra was predicted to 14 degrees Celsius today.

Tomorrow should bring more early morning fog due to a continued high pressure system and rain is forecast for both Thursday and Friday.

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