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Sydney weather: Indian summer stretches into winter

Don’t be deceived if you take a peek out the window at Sydney this week.

The sun’s reflection may glisten from the ocean and the wind may have subsided, but with the temperature barely reaching 20 degrees for the next seven days, it is unmistakably a Sydney winter.

“We didn’t really have a winter like this last year, so this is much more typical,” Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Simon Louis said. Sydney residents can look forward to a pleasant start to the week with very little wind.

The mercury will stretch to about 18 degrees at the height of the day and drop as low as 7 degrees overnight.

But come Wednesday the wind is set to pick back up, and a cool change will move in overnight setting the city up for a chilly Thursday.

While Wednesday has the highest forecast temperature of 20 degrees, it is likely to feel cooler because of the wind.

“That front will move through pretty quickly and we should be back to mostly sunny by the weekend,” Mr Louis said.

The Bureau is still expecting an El Nino to develop by spring, which would bring warmer and drier weather.

Conditions will be similar to the last El Nino year, which was 2009.