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Mark Hawthorne is Senior Editor at The Age. Previously he was National Business Editor of Fairfax Metro Media.

Top Drop

'Unprecedented' response to St Henri

Mark Hawthorne Demand for Penfolds' 'rock star' is so high the wine maker didn't even get his hands on it.

Top Drop

A 'hidden' Grange that's top of the range

1959 Penfolds Grange

Mark Hawthorne If Barry O'Farrell's lost bottle of 1959 Penfolds Grange ever turns up, it could be worth a lot more than $3000.


The unique ways of clothing giant Uniqlo


Mark Hawthorne Japanese retailer arrives in Melbourne with a unique service mantra.


Seeing red: Prices soar for ‘magic’ 2008 Grange

Penfolds Grange

Mark Hawthorne Penfolds has raised the price of its flagship Grange by $165 per bottle in the face of unprecedented global demand, adding 25 per cent to the price of a bottle of Australia's most famous red wine.

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Wealth of wheels

The Merc for models, moguls and magnates


Mark Hawthorne Mercedes-Benz 60th-anniversary SL is pitched directly to the mining millionaires of the West.

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Hip and sleek, the SL is no lightweight

Mark Hawthorne FOR a couple of decades, the Mercedes-Benz SL nameplate was one of the great misnomers of the automotive world.

Rare red

This 'ethereal' wine will set you back $168,000 ... a bottle


Mark Hawthorne Forget Grange, there's a new flagship in the Penfold's range — a $168,000 bottle of cabernet sauvignon that costs an astonishing $168,000 per bottle.

Bubbly booty

Vintage Moet's cachet dialled up to 11

Moet champagne

Mark Hawthorne After a career auctioning some of Australia's rarest wines, including a single six-litre bottle of Penfolds Grange that reaped $74,000, it takes a bit to get Stewart Langton excited.

Wine wisdom

Cellaring your top drops


Mark Hawthorne From built-in refrigerated cabinets to subterranean cellars to off-site storage in vast warehouses, I've seen it all.

Rinehart digs her way to top of rich list

Gina Rinehart

Mark Hawthorne The wealth contained within Lang Hancock's discovery in Western Australia's Pilbara has propelled his daughter to the top of Australia's rich list.

Mining magnate

Rinehart rules rich list as fortunes soar

Gina Rinehart

Mark Hawthorne Mining billionaire Gina Rinehart has been crowned Australia's richest person, with US magazine Forbes estimating her fortune at $US9 billion.

Former top exec sues NAB


Mark Hawthorne The legal stoush between NAB and former executive Ian Crouch cranks up a notch.