Melissa Davey

Melissa Davey is a Health Reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Desk injury

'Chair disease' outstrips workplace design

computer worker

Melissa Davey If you work in an office and spend hours in front of a computer, don't think your ergonomic chair, standing desk or good posture will save you from poor health.

Wage slaves

Top of worry list: work, work, work


Melissa Davey Australians spend more time worrying about work than war, the environment, politics or any other broader issue.

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Desk danger

Drug tests find favour in white-collar sector

drug test

Melissa Davey If you think a couple of glasses of wine at your desk job lunch break are OK, take heed.

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A-list guests

Stars in alignment for Assange's 40th


Melissa Davey IF JULIAN ASSANGE is feeling nervous in the lead-up to his High Court appearance in London this week, he is not showing it.

High-stakes gifts

Robin Hood plays charity trump card


Melissa Davey HE CLAIMS to live in Sherwood Forest and even boasts his own ''Maid Marian''. But this Robin Hood spends much of his time on the gambling floors of casinos, taking his winnings and donating them to...