Stephanie Gardiner

Stephanie Gardiner is a reporter at The Sydney Morning Herald. Email or tweet her with your news tips.

Car theft

Rare Porsche stolen as couple sleep

Stephanie Gardiner A Sydney couple has woken up to find their silver Porsche missing after thieves broke into their home, stole the keys and drove away in the rare car, which is worth more than a quarter of a million...

Car theft

Taken: $500,000 worth of Sydney luxury

Stephanie Gardiner Thieves with a taste for expensive, black, fast cars continue to target Sydney's eastern suburbs

Car thieves

BMW stolen after owner's driveway blocked


Stephanie Gardiner Car thieves have blocked a driveway with bollards to lure a man out of his BMW, before taking his keys and driving away in the luxury car in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

Runners feel the burn after steep race for charity

Balmoral run

Stephanie Gardiner AT 420 METRES, the Balmoral Burn is hardly a marathon. But the steep course on Awaba Street, Mosman, had runners falling in exhausted heaps at the finish line of yesterday's race.

Lotto jackpot

$70m jackpot sees millions rush for tickets


Stephanie Gardiner Could $70 million buy you happiness?

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I quit!

I quit! Guide to going out in style


Stephanie Gardiner Bridget Jones loudly declared she'd rather have a job "wiping Saddam Hussein's arse" when she quit, Jerry Maguire took the office goldfish and Lester Burnham blackmailed his boss into giving him a...

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Working hours

Does the weekend have a future?

Tennis racquet.

Stephanie Gardiner Technology and the ability to access emails and work from home has already had a big impact on working hours and the traditional working week.

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Winning wine

Nice little birthday gift: McGuigan wins top gong

Neil McGuigan

Stephanie Gardiner It is just before midnight in London and winemaker Neil McGuigan has just six minutes to call his father and wish him a happy 98th birthday.

Self made

Rise of the Red Bullionaire: the man who turned Krating Daeng to gold

Dietrich Mateschitz

Stephanie Gardiner He has everything a modern man could want - a few billion dollars, an island in the South Pacific, an addiction to high adrenaline sports and a stunning set of pearly whites.

Money talks

Incentives at work: who gets what and what really works


Stephanie Gardiner, Glenda Kwek and Alicia Wood "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more!"

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Silver service

Australia's secret service: inside the world of a butler


Stephanie Gardiner Instead of whispering into their cufflinks and protecting the president, a secret service is at work in Australia, cooking, cleaning and maybe even making the odd covert helicopter trip for fresh...