Steve Colquhoun

Steve Colquhoun

Steve Colquhoun contributes news, features, first drive stories and videos to print editions, website and Fairfax's iPad app. Steve's first car was a much-loved bright orange Ford Cortina TE complete with beige vinyl interior and he hankers for the day when square headlights finally come back into fashion.


Maserati prepares model avalanche

Steve Colquhoun The past is in the past as the 100-year-old Italian prepares an unprecedented model onslaught.


Watchmaking a difference


Steve Colquhoun There may be much more to that luxury timepiece on your wrist than just a pretty face.


Your next suit: tailored or off the rack?


Steve Colquhoun Fit, finish, price or personalisation - which is most important in buying the right suit?

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Four Pillars Gin grabs spirits award


Steve Colquhoun Melbourne gin start-up grabs double gold in world's biggest spirits competition.

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Tassie whisky named world's best single malt

Sullivan's Cove French Oak Cask.

Steve Colquhoun Sullivan's Cove on top of the world after winning coveted world whisky title.


What wouldn't Harvey Specter do?

Steve Colquhoun Star of TV series Suits wants you to know he is everything his contentious character isn't.


Let's workshop that - in Antarctica

Sea Adventurer.

Steve Colquhoun It'll be the polar opposite of normal when great minds discuss the future of business.

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Siggins wins national cocktail final

Fred Siggins.

Steve Colquhoun Melbourne bartender to represent Australia at global final after Bacardi contest victory.


Anatomy of a catastrophe


Steve Colquhoun Ten lessons learned amid one of the world's worst natural disasters.


What is Geelong's mayor doing?

Darryn Lyons

Steve Colquhoun COMMENT: Charged with saving an ailing city, why is Darryn Lyons playing the buffoon?

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The little Aussie watchmaker that could

Bausele Sport Automatic watch

Steve Colquhoun A tiny Aussie watch design company with a Swiss heart is about to step into the big time.

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Qantas sweeps in-flight wine awards

Steve Colquhoun It's official, the national carrier serves a pretty decent glass of wine to its premium customers.


Luxury by another (domain) name

Steve Colquhoun Will appending one simple word to a web address confer luxuriousness on its subject?


Watchmaking pioneer dies


Steve Colquhoun Swiss Raymond Weil was the founder of one of the world's best-known watchmakers.

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What is Australia's national drink?


Steve Colquhoun Which iconic tipple should you be raising in a toast to national pride?

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The world's most exclusive club


Steve Colquhoun Meet the group of 85 billionaires whose combined wealth exceeds Australia's GDP.

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The world's most opulent Christmas gifts


Steve Colquhoun Ever gifted a suit of armour? A mini-submarine? What to give when expense is no object.


The land of the little white golf ball


Steve Colquhoun New Zealand's Queenstown adds top-notch golf to its long list of attractions for Australians.


The land of the little white ball

Steve Colquhoun New Zealand's Queenstown adds top-notch golf to its long list of attractions for Australians.

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How much should you spend on 'good' Scotch?


Steve Colquhoun You can pay from $50 to $500 for dad's festive tipple. Is good whisky worth the extra?