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Common sense


Sam de Brito Can online learning save democracy? One man thinks so.

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All men are liars

Something about Raymond


Sam de Brito All that feel-good Tropfest hyperbole doesn't dance around a serious social crisis ...

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All men are liars



Sam de Brito If riding a motorcycle is so much fun, why don't you ever see Harley Davidson owners smiling?

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The "yeah, but" speech


Sam de Brito Gotta say I'm surprised that what may become the most memorable, if not the defining, speech of Julia Gillard's tenure as Prime Minister is still being met with the words "yeah, but" by many men (and...

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No cash here


Sam de Brito Say what you want about drug dealers but you're never going to get stuck behind one at the EFTPOS terminal in the supermarket as they fumble with maxed-out credit cards - those dudes always have cash...

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Sam de Brito "I think I'm gonna spew," said Brad Cranfield, winner of The Block, which is certainly how this viewer felt watching the Channel Nine renovation show ...

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Human nature


Sam de Brito Some years ago, a country publican took ownership of a neglected rural hotel and on his first day in charge, the front bar was once again overrun by a local drug dealer and his crew of hoons ...

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Ripped off in the 80s


Sam de Brito The longer I live, the more convinced I become my generation got savagely ripped off as teenagers growing up in the 80s* ...

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Long hot summer


Sam de Brito So here we are again, the sixth time All Men Are Liars has bid you a Merry Christmas, happy holidays, a super summer ... whence I commence my January prayer that I'll have a job come the new year ...

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Making an appearance


Sam de Brito If you pay a celebrity to turn up to your party, does this not defeat the purpose, i.e. that your party is so cool a celebrity actually wants to attend? ...

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Don't mention the drought

Don't mention the drought thumb

Sam de Brito Men might routinely forget birthdays and wedding anniversaries but I reckon there's one date every bloke has fixed unerringly in his mind: the last time he had sex ...

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