The new conformity: why 'rebels' like Shaun McNeil no longer stand out

Sam de Brito Whattaya lookin' at? The image you've crafted and advertised in ink on your body, mate.

All Men Are Liars

Flushing our future down the toilet

toilet roll generic

Sam de Brito Wiping our pampered bottoms using the very trees that help keep us alive isn't smart.

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Agitation amid abundance


Sam de Brito Seeing as y'all enjoyed the ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau last week, I thought I might follow up today with something from his intellectual heir, French thinker and political philosopher, Alexis de...

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All men are liars



Sam de Brito In the lead-up to his death from cancer last year, R U OK Day founder Gavin Larkin had the touching idea of delivering his own eulogy via a video he recorded ...

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The point


Sam de Brito A couple of months ago I sat in on a rather thought-provoking "boot-camp" for men trying to improve their social skills with women and the head-trainer said something I've rolled around in my mind...

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All men are liars

Living for oblivion


Sam de Brito In your drinking career I'm sure you've heard the old chestnut there's two types of boozers: those who drink and those who drink to get drunk ... but I wonder which are you? ...

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Hello, Darkness


Sam de Brito If you're not a basketball fan, you've probably never heard the name Royce White but I reckon you might hear a lot more about him in years to come, if not for his skills on the court, then because of...

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All Men Are Liars

The road to freedom


Sam de Brito Being released from the grip of sexual desire is like a slave escaping a savage master.

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All Men Are Liars

Slave to our thoughts


Sam de Brito Being happy with your lot in life is typically a lot harder than it sounds.

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Big catch

Seven-tonne fish pulled from water

Georgia Wilkins A 10-metre long whale shark has been pulled from the water off Karachi, Pakistan, with plans to put the giant on display.

Terrorism as male bonding


Sam de Brito Some years ago, Columbia University Professor Richard Bulliet was engaged by several British police forces to review and write reports about allegedly jihadist materials seized during invesitgations...

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Sex drive

Male sex drive to blame for world wars


Nick Collins The male sex drive is to blame for most of the world's conflicts from football hooliganism to religious disputes and, even, world wars, say scientists.

Number one


Sam de Brito "A woman sometimes seems to want to be the most important thing in her man's life. However, if she is the most important thing ...

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Riding waves

All revved up with everywhere to go


He made his name with the irreverent Mambo surfwear brand he co-founded in the 1980s, but to Dare Jennings, the surf culture was always more than just riding waves.

Less 'kultcha', more creativity


Steve Dow The international presence and profile of Australian culture has faded at a huge cost to the nation.

Booker judges dazzled


Julia May, London Indian-Australian only the third debut novelist to win the Booker Prize.

Merging fact with fiction

American Author James Frey pictured at the Observatory Hotel , Sydney. Story by Susan Windham.  pmr Tuesday 16 September 2008.  News

It takes more than a public roasting to knock this author's confidence, writes Susan Wyndham.

Wrestling Hamlet


Elissa Blake Playing the dark prince has scared actor-writer-director Brendan Cowell sober.