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Welcome to our world, Lynda


Sam de Brito Every man who's been turned away from a venue for not wearing a collared shirt was shaking their head at a Sydney solicitor denied access to the SCG Members.

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The new conformity: why 'rebels' like Shaun McNeil no longer stand out

Shaun McNeil

Sam de Brito Whattaya lookin' at? The image you've crafted and advertised in ink on your body, mate.

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All Men Are Liars

Suspicious job titles


Sam de Brito I'm incredibly wary when a man can't explain what he does in under 10 words.

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All Men Are Liars

What did they see in him?

Rachael Louise and Simon Gittany walk to court.

Sam de Brito The predatory ways of convicted murderer Simon Gittany are a warning for gullible women.

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All Men Are Liars

Beating the traffic blues

Illustration: Cathy Wilcox

Sam de Brito Feel like you're wasting your life in traffic? An enlightening solution is a click away.

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All Men Are Liars

Surviving the apocalypse


Sam de Brito Will you have what it takes at the end of days? Lesson one starts today.

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That doesn't sound very Christian to me


Sam de Brito Dear Fred Nile, your "victory" in defeating same-sex marriage defies the very principles you preach.

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What are you into?

gay pride

Sam de Brito Sit-ups and brunch are not the only things straights can learn from gays, says Dan Savage.

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All Men Are Liars

Flushing our future down the toilet

toilet roll generic

Sam de Brito Wiping our pampered bottoms using the very trees that help keep us alive isn't smart.

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Ancient echoes


Sam de Brito Dwelling on the past may not be fashionable but it keeps you humble.

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Miss my arse


Sam de Brito Who does that bozo travelling under the speed limit and leaving braking room think he is?

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Look what we made!


Sam de Brito Talking about your kid with your partner is one of life's perfectly harmless, joyous indulgences.

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All Men Are Liars

It pays to sweat the small stuff


Sam de Brito An iconic design shows it's the little things that separate the cream from the milk.

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All Men Are Liars

Gods of metal


Sam de Brito Hard rock gigs are a rare way for young men to get physical in an appropriate manner.

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Football and fisticuffs


Sam de Brito I was dead wrong on this subject and my past opinion was juvenile and irresponsible.

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Feeling is not the same as thinking


Sam de Brito People now say 'I feel' something to be true rather than 'I think'. It's telling.

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All Men Are Liars

Crips versus Bloods, Aussie style

3D glasses

Sam de Brito The colour-coded fanaticism of Aussie politics leaves little room for nuance.

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Never 'beef down' to an internet troll


Sam de Brito The golden rule of hip-hop can also be applied to dealing with online pests.

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All Men Are Liars

The biggest penis in the world


Sam de Brito Richest? Fastest? Biggest? Which would you choose?

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Aurally transmitted diseases


Sam de Brito Watch out who you whistle at ... they might catch something.

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